Language Work


For the most part, homeschooling is going really well. I’m still learning how to schedule and how to be flexible — the flexibility part is hard when it comes to school because I’m so used to organizing things out and having a schedule and a plan and a start point and end point for things. And Maria’s schedule isn’t the same as mine. But I’m getting there.

In the morning today we did a little language work, working on the parts of speech. If I learned this in elementary school, it must have been covered over the course of a couple of hours because I have never had a really solid understanding of adverbs and adjectives and whatnot. I mean, duh, a noun is a person, place, or thing. And a verb is an action. But beyond that, it all kinda blended together. Prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, articles…they can be very confusing.

So to help Maria, we made a “Parts of Speech” flip book where she wrote out each part of speech and defined it, so it would be easy for her to quickly reference it in writing.

On Teachers Pay Teachers (such a great site!) I found a list of words, hundreds of them, that belong to each part of speech. I laminated them and cut them out and put them in library envelopes.

Then, I created sentences on the floor with them. I could definitely be a bit more creative. I also need punctuation cards.

grammar-4I think perhaps you all know about my love of beautiful Montessori materials, right?

Well if you don’t…I love Montessori materials. Most are made out of wood and come in perfect wooden boxes, perfectly organized. Ah, I love them. I purchased this set from Amazon:


And printed a key off the internet for Maria:


She went to work assigning each word a symbol.

grammar-5 grammar-8

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how it would go. If it would be too easy for her and she’d just rip right through it, or if it’d be too hard and she’d be stuck. I was so pleasantly surprised that it was a really great balance between challenging and easy. When things are easy for Maria, it boosts her confidence. Of course it does, right? That’s true for all of us. When we do things without error, we feel pretty good. So it was nice to get a boost before having to ask for help on some parts.

Language is difficult. She had labeled “light” as a verb. It is a verb, but in the sentence she had, it was being used as a noun. So we had a good talk about words that are both nouns and verbs and it depends on how we use them as to what part of speech it is. We came up with a few more words for which this is true and that helped her out a lot.

Do you wanna do this? It’s super easy! You don’t need to purchase anything. Color the symbols on printer paper and cut them out. Write words of your own on little strips of paper (we had to make our own nouns because our noun envelope is missing!), no need to laminate them even. This is a great exercise, especially for mid-elementary students (grades 3, 4) and maybe even early elementary (I think Jamie would pick up on this right away and do really well!).


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