Vacation Prep

It’s a good thing I don’t work outside the home (that phrase makes me laugh every time) because getting these kittens ready for their week-long vacation from us is a full time job. I’m not even kidding. If you knew how many hours I’ve put into the very carefully thought out and typed/written schedule, you’d roll your eyes. Everything from what time to have the kids brush their teeth to how to pack Jamie’s lunch. Because if I was watching five kids, I’d want it to basically be 100% laid out for me.

I kind of feel bad for her.

SO many pairs of underwear and pants and shirts to make sure get put on little bodies and so many different drop off and pick up times. I’m pretty much on autopilot at this point and can do it with my eyes closed, but it’s exhausting and confusing and really annoying.

But I’ve tried to make it easier.

1) a freezer stocked with bribes. Easy dinners like chicken patties and corn dogs and spaghetti and pizza take-out.


2) Clothes picked out and organized according to day. Shoes lined up against the wall so they’re easy to gather and stick on as they’re running out the door.

tripprep-6 tripprep-11

3) this school girl is taking a week break from her studies to spend time with her friends Anna and Sophia.

tripprep-8 tripprep-10

(we started a passport and she’s having a lot of fun filling out the facts)

I have quite the amazing team behind me helping with drop offs and pick ups during the day. Dawn the Magical is taking on extra kids for me and my ridiculously nice friend Liz didn’t hesitate to welcome Maria to their house all week long. Because of all these people, the kids’ routine will be almost identical to what it already is. Still dance, still school, still Dawn’s, still someone at our house, and still routine and bedtime at home which, for my little group of people, is needed for a school week.

Dan and me? We are so beyond ready for a vacation from this routine. I’m so ready that I did my nails. Because when you think of Hawaii and a tropical paradise, you totally think of black, right?


(don’t be jealous of my beautiful digits)

Well, you guys, I did have rose gold on my fingernails but I snagged it in my door handle and the pointer finger nail got all messed up and I said, “Ah, to hell with it,” and changed the look altogether which will be cute actually because I’m wearing a lot of black and grey and white — like black dresses for nights out and black tanks. I have a large area to conceal, you guys.

We are packed and ready to go and our wonderful babysitter is arriving here before the sun comes up because our flight is crazy early. And I’m starting to get pretty anxious about leaving all the kids for a week. It’s definitely the longest I’ve been away from them and that’s kind of scary knowing that if something should happen, I’ll be across the ocean on an island. But I know I couldn’t have better people watching them.

So please cross your fingers our plane doesn’t crash.


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