Their World

hot tub-1


It’s so easy to just keep saying, “We’ll see.” I find myself saying that way more often than I should. It’s an easy response because they always accept it. But I’ve slowly come to realize that sometimes just saying, “Yes,” is as easy. 

“Can we go in the hot tub tonight before we put jammies on?”


And they have the time of their lives. Together. Taking turns showing off their tricks. Holding their breath and plugging their noses for as long as they can and coming up after 3 seconds looking as proud as can be. Talking to Ollie in a baby voice, pouring water over her hands so she feels like she’s part of the gang — she squeals with delight each time. They play mermaids and ocean kings and do cannonballs and create tidal waves and it’s worth the fresh towels and clean up and wet floors and tangly hair. 


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