The First Day of a Huge Adventure



Today was Day 1 in our new adventure and I think it went really well. 


She woke up really excited which was absolutely no surprise to me, but it made me really happy and even a little excited myself.

Here’s something pretty awesome about homeschooling: you can learn pretty much anywhere. I had a hair appointment at 9:30 so she packed up her math workbook and took it with us. 


This first week is all about review. She did a few of these pages of simple math facts so she could get back into the swing of math. Math is the hardest subject for her and the one subject I bought actual curriculum for. This is just a basic workbook but when we jump into multiplication and division, we will be using Math*U*See. Much of it is hands on which I think is just the way Maria needs to learn this subject. It comes with a DVD so we will watch the lessons together before she actually dives in to her workbook and assignments with each chapter. 

When we got home from the hair appointment, Maria wrote in her journal, replying to a prompt I had written in it last night. The idea is that she will write her response and when she is done, she will be doing another lesson while I look over her response, correct any spelling, grammar, etc. mistakes and she will re-write it in cursive on a piece of writing paper. 


Don’t worry, guys. I have a cursive workbook and a cursive moveable alphabet for Maria to use…she will get a hang of those “o”s. Oh, and bubble letter exclamation marks will be addressed as well. Ah, I love that girl.

We also might have taken a cookie break.


Because we can. 

But then we had to get right back to business. We took Alice to school and picked up Charlotte and on the way to Dawn’s, we dropped Maria off at her French lesson.

Oui, you guys. French. So posh.

firstdayhomeschool-3 firstdayhomeschool-6-1

Our wonderful friend just happens to speak a little Francais (okay, I’ll stop, because I definitely don’t) so she offered to have Maria over once a week for a French lesson. And even better? Her friend and neighbor used to teach high school French and said she wouldn’t mind participating every once in a while. Well Maria came home just absolutely stoked on French and apparently told Sally that she thinks maybe they should do it twice a week. Sally is so nice that she said that sounds great and they can do it twice a week for a while and see how much she still loves it. She has her own French workbooks, her own notebook, post-its and already has a few pages of notes in her little booklet. 

She got home from French just in time to swap out her cute shoes for some functional ones.


Our friend Steve told us that as a homeschooler, she can sign up with the school district for PE and Music. She already has music covered (violin with Mr. Nathaniel) but she thought PE would be so much fun. And me? I think it’s a great way for her to hang out with kids her age, get out of the house, and have a little independence. 

How will she have independence? She’ll be riding her bike to the school which is only about 5 blocks away or so. But she’ll be riding back as well. I took her today, though, because she was very nervous for her first time.

firstdayhomeschool-8 firstdayhomeschool-9

She came back from PE excited. She told me her ‘coach’ home schools his 6 kids and for some reason that made me feel really comfortable…probably because I worry about my kittens when they’re out in the world but knowing there is someone who might just be extra soft towards her is reassuring. But, I mean, what do I know? Maybe his idea of math at home is making his kids hike up a mountain, counting the whole time while forcing them to calculate how much body weight they are losing through sweat and tears? 

But I don’t think so.

And now, just before we leave for violin and to pick up the kids, Maria is practicing “Under the Sea” and “Peter and the Wolf.”

And I’ve had lots of people ask me how I’m going to do it. How I’ll be able to do it all on my own. And here’s the thing: not only do I have a child who is wildly independent, curious and excited, I also have friends and family who are stoked for us and encouraging and supportive. I had four friends this morning text me and either ask how school was going or wish us good luck. Grandparents have wished us good luck over and over and wished her a wonderful first day of school. I know we will do wonderfully.

For now, our adventure is off to a good start. 


3 thoughts on “The First Day of a Huge Adventure

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  2. Tracy Flynn

    What an AWESOME day!! You are both going to have a fabulous time and learn sooooo much :-). If there is anything I know that Maria would like to know, just say the word and I’ll share! Love you all.

  3. shaycarlson

    Good luck!
    I was homeschooled for some time during my teen years, and not only was it great it also was what I needed to really thrive. You put tremendous effort into your children therefor it will all work out as it should.

    Happy first day to mother & daughter!

    Xo Shay


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