Labor Day Weekend


We got to spend a couple days at this place. Every time, it’s wonderful here. 

The weather was iffy. The first full day was Saturday and it was nice. It was sunny for most of the day and the temperature was perfect.


The kids and dogs swam, ran around, we hung out on the dock, they took wave runner rides with Daddy and Grandpa, and we were treated to a yummy dinner in town. Sunday was a little different. It was rainy and a bit colder. 

We hung out at the cabin for a while and then decided to load up and go into town.

sandpoint-7 sandpoint-8

One adult in the front with the baby, one adult in the back, 4 kittens running around somewhere in between. That’s how we roll.

We had lunch at the little brewery/pub in town. Always delicious. Beer cheese soup? Yes. 

sandpoint-12 sandpoint-13


We got back to the cabin in the hopes the clouds would have completely left, but they hadn’t. It was still too cold to swim and was wet outside. Had I been totally prepared, each child would have had a pair of tennis shoes in addition to the sandals I packed. They would have had more than one pair of pants (because, dude, we usually totally just live in swimsuits at the cabin!) and so when that pair got sandy and wet, it would be no big deal because there’d be a warm pair waiting for them in their bag. 

No dice. 

I had envisioned sunny skies and 75 degree weather. I forgot to check my weather app. 

So we loaded up and headed home. With 5 kids, 2 of whom cannot just go play outside with their sisters and brother willy-nilly, it’s hard to be inside all day. If they were old enough to explore alone that’d be one thing. But I’m afraid of bears and creepy people who live in abandoned cabins and the thought of all of them falling off the side of a cliff, unable to call for help. So they aren’t allowed to play outside alone in the wilderness. I’m so mean.

But we got home in time to unload our stuff, get the house cleaned up, and settle in. Sometimes it’s nice to get home a little earlier than last minute so that you don’t feel like you’re just waking up and going to work right away (in my case, getting kids ready and out the door). It’s nice to have a little time to just settle down and relax at home before the week starts again. And that’s what we did.

Oh, and this:


I have an ultrasound Wednesday to check fluid levels and I’m crossing my fingers it’s gone up enough that there’s no need to keep a further, closer eye on it. My next appointment is on the 8th so I guess I’ll find out then.

And tomorrow Maria starts school. Send us good vibes.


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