Kittens, Kill Day, and the End of Summer Vacation

First things first, Danny sent me a text on Friday that said, “Look what I found,” along with a picture of the tiniest kitten I’ve ever seen. 

Like…this tiny:

Photo Aug 22, 2 43 42 PM

And here’s the thing about Ruthie. Every baby animal reminds me of my own babies. Which is kind of weird, but not really that weird at the same time. But this itty bitty baby was left by its mama and was hiding amongst the pallets at Pepsi so I naturally couldn’t let tiny Olive   kitty just try and fend for itself so I went and got it. We took it to Bob’s where they looked it over, told me it was about 2-3 weeks old, needed bottle fed and was definitely a boy. 

So we are bottle feeding it.

Photo Aug 23, 10 30 47 AM

Here’s something that won’t surprise you: I don’t like cats. At all. But anyone would be lying if they said this tiny little thing isn’t adorable. The kids have named it Cola (duh, Pepsi-Cola) and we will get it fed and eventually get its first shots and all of that and hopefully find a home for it with a friend. Somewhere the kids can visit. Because we’ll be having a new kitten of our own soon and I’m not sure this mama can handle 2 kittens.

On Saturday we went to our friends house to process our chickens. That sentence was a lie, I apologize. What I meant to say was I brought all my kids up to their house and watched as Paul and Liz killed our chickens and plucked their feathers.

Photo Aug 23, 9 03 07 AM

The kids weren’t into it at first, but Maria and Anna eventually got in on the action.

Photo Aug 23, 10 02 37 AM

And then Danny arrived after working up at the mud run, bringing his big double burner so that Paul could also dispatch his turkeys. It’s much easier being able to quickly heat a trash can full of water.

Photo Aug 23, 10 02 24 AM Photo Aug 23, 10 19 56 AM

(that’s Paul’s friend helping him dunk the turkey in)

So now we have a freezer full of chicken. 

And tomorrow? Tomorrow school starts. The new Dawn schedule starts. Which means I have more time to actually get things done! The kids are excited and spent the morning running around because I told them this was the last day of summer break and they’d better soak it up.



lastdayvacay-26 lastdayvacay-27


Maria isn’t quite as excited because school doesn’t start for her until after Labor Day. But she spent the morning playing, too. But then we loaded up so Jamie could get his hair fresh for school.






He was really disappointed that the sides weren’t long enough to tuck behind his ear. It’s a habit he has and I didn’t even realize he wouldn’t have it until he was almost in tears after the cut. I do feel bad because I know that there are some things that are really important to little minds, but I know that he’ll be just fine. And doesn’t he look so handsome?

We went to Costco and stocked up on necessities, too.

lastdayvacay-35 lastdayvacay-36


Ya know. Like beer and Cinderella books and Adidas track suits and sandwich buns. Costco is just the best. 


Oh, and I’m 25 weeks pregnant today.

Photo Aug 24, 9 21 57 AM

I have around 15 weeks to go. That seems unreal. I have an ultrasound (my 3rd one) in a week or so to check amniotic fluid levels (my doctor wants to keep an eye on it) and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love sneaking a peek of Francesca so frequently. The kids are talking a lot more about her, getting more excited, and I think are ready to welcome a new kitten (of the human variety) to our family. 

We are pretty lucky.




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