Stir Fry and Edamame

With school right around the corner, I’m making a much better effort when it comes to meals, most notably dinner. Tonight we had stir fry, one of the easiest and yummiest dinners.


Although it’s much easier without little hands invading the photo space.



And also more fun with tiny cooks working right next to you.



We heated up some sesame oil in a non stick pan (because we don’t have a wok anymore) and cooked the veggies. We took them out of the pan and then added the chicken (diced).


Then we took that out of the pan and it was time for each of us to assemble our plates. Truth be told, the kids just wanted plain rice with plain chicken. But Dan and I actually did it right. Dan had fried rice (he added cooked rice, soy sauce, the veggies, a scrambled egg, then the chicken at the last minute).


I went with soba noodles, no chicken.


Note Danny’s devil sauce. I mean, sriracha. I think I might be the only person on the planet who doesn’t love that spicy sauce.

While we were busy getting dinner prepped and ready, Maria took charge of the home grown edamame.


We planted a few edamame plants at my dad’s farm and they really took off. It’s so fun because they are one of Maria’s favorite snacks. We washed them and boiled them for about 3 minutes or so in salt water. With a side of soy sauce, the girls devoured them.





Charlotte got a little help from Maria — they can be a bit tricky.


Do any of you have dinner time traditions?

No secret — being in charge of a family is a lot of really hard work. Between the two of you (or if you’re single, the one of you) having to raise children plus be kind and wonderful to each other and making sure the house doesn’t fall apart, it’s exhausting and hard. It’s so easy to just take the lazy way out of so many things, and dinner was one thing where we took the lazy route. The kids had whatever we could dig up and they’d eat at the little dining nook while Dan and I dished up whatever we wanted (not always the same thing) and ate wherever. Sometimes in the living room, sometimes at the table, wherever. And it kinda sucked. It was one time we actually had the time to spend all together and we completely wasted it. So we are trying to reconfigure this evening routine. So far, that involves actually making a family dinner that we all share, sitting around the same table at the same time and actually talking. We play “Best, Worst, Weirdest,” which is a game the kids came up with. I’m not sure if they played it with Mr. Matt last year, but it’s fun. We go around the table and each one of us tells us the best part of their day, the worst part of the day and the weirdest part.

Charlotte tonight? Her best part of the day was when Susie ran away. You guys, Susie did not run away. She did, actually, go missing a few days ago and Charlotte said, “Let’s just not get Susie back and we’ll get a kitten. They are just so cute.” So she must still be dwelling on that.

Alice: “My best was babysitting.” We watched babies Cleo and Stella and B today while their mama ran to the store. Alice loves those girls.

Maria: “My best was Olive dancing to Let it Go.” It was pretty hilarious, I’ll give her that.

Jamie: “Playing Legos. Oh, and I hate family dinner.” So, I mean, there’s that.

Despite Jamie’s opposition to the whole thing, I think family dinner will be a good thing for us. A set time that everyone knows is not an option to attend or not. It’s part of an important routine and I think that maybe I read somewhere that children who eat dinner with their family each night are less likely to grow up to become drug dealers and strippers. So I might not be exact on that one, but I do know it was a good thing, that family dinner.


1 thought on “Stir Fry and Edamame

  1. eprofitt

    I remember “best, worst, weirdest” from last year! It’s a variation of “high/low” that I used todo at summer camp. My parents always made us sit down for family dinner and I like to think that we didn’t turn out to be assholes so I like where your head is at!


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