That One Time My Dogs Were the Worst Ever and Everyone Was Gone in My Life Except Mark.

Do you remember when our rabbit died? 

Here’s a little fact about animals in the Prasil home: they don’t do so well. Animals who share DNA with Dan and I do really well. You guys, they thrive in this place. But the furry kind? The ones that aren’t dogs or humans? They either disappear or die. I can say with 100% honesty that we have no idea how or why this happens but it does. Our chickens? The moment we moved them up to the farm they got their heads eaten off. Our ducks disappeared. Lulu the cat ran away and was never seen again 2 months into living here. Our first rabbit Kenobi died unexpectedly and then, maybe a month and 1/2 ago, Teeny (the 2nd rabbit) died from what we can only assume was heat stroke, exhaustion, whatever. So, I mean, yeah, animals don’t like us. 

Except Scout and Susie, our dogs. They love us. Probably because they basically rule this home and tear things up and run around like crazy and all I do is yell at them when they’re REALLY naughty. They are probably laughing at me right now as we speak in their secret dog language that only stupid dogs understand. I’m mad at them because this happened:

The kids and I had a pretty good morning. We loaded up and went to Albertsons and each got a donut, then went to Starbucks and then went to my friend Alicia’s yardsale where Alice bought 2 Hershey’s candy tins and Charlotte bought a Disney memory game. I ran into Laynie and Marci and chatted with Alicia a bit (who totally threw in a Pepsi shirt for Olive, even put it on her making her look like ET). Sydney made the kids icees and then we loaded back up, took a short little drive and ended up at home. The kids were so good. So I unload them, Jamie runs inside and Scout runs out. As I’m unloading the kids I notice a horrible smell. 


I smell each of the kids because, truly, you never know. But no. It wasn’t coming from them. I searched our carport. Nothing. I recognized the smell as being a dead mouse because we’ve definitely had dead mice (we lived next to lots of empty lots up in the Heights and there were several time a mouse made its way into our hot water heater room and died. sick). I went through the house like a ghost buster searching for something little and dead. I went into the tv room and that’s when I saw it. That’s when I saw HER. On the deck.

Just a minute, I’m gagging. Hold on.

Okay, that’s when I saw her. Teeny. Yeah, our 2nd rabbit. The one who died over a month ago. And right next to her? Susie. Laughing at me. I mean, I think she was laughing at me. I’m pretty sure she was. And then maybe 6 feet from them? The torn up garbage bag Danny had put Teeny in. 

Thank God Maria wasn’t home. And thank God the other kids just believe anything I say because I told them it was just an unusually large squirrel. They went with it. 

Now, I don’t know if Dan buried her and they dug her up or if he just forgot to bury her and put her “somewhere safe” until he had the chance to bury her. I don’t really care, but I do know that it’s his fault somehow. 

My dad is out of town (they went on a little vacation), Christian next door is gone, Justin works on Saturdays, and basically everyone I thought of to call was out of town except for Mark who came to my rescue. I told him that I was going to puke if I looked at the scene one more time and maybe could he please come. And bring gloves. 

He did. And he confirmed with a look of horror on his face just how bad it smelled. I stole his truck and the girls and I crammed in (it’s tiny and probably incredibly unsafe) and made the dogs jump in the back and begged PetCo to please bathe them because “I thought maybe they rolled in something.” Do you think I was going to admit that they’d spent the last 2 hours playing with a month and 1/2 old (dead) rabbit? Not a chance. They took pity on me, probably because I also smelled like death, and took the dogs. 

So yeah, the weekend is going pretty swimmingly.

Happy Saturday!


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