Flying Solo…with 4 very unhelpful co-pilots

I’m not even going to say something like, “I never knew how much she did to help me until she wasn’t here to help!” because that would just be a very giant lie. I know exactly how much Maria helps me around the house which might be why I shed just a few tears (they weren’t real tears, they were more like pouts) when she and Danny pulled out of the driveway to go on their rafting adventure for 4 FULL DAYS! Basically, eternity.

I’ve been flying solo since Wednesday night which I know has only been barely over a full day but let me tell you something. Being pregnant and having 4 children ages 7 and under to wrangle with NO SCHOOL OR DAWN is hard. They want things…like meals. And activities. And the hardest part: I have to do it all myself. I know. The absurdity, right?!

This tiny one has decided to start yelling and screaming when something bothers her. It’s delightful.


The next tiny one does things just to get the tiny one to squeal. Like, ya know, chasing her around with a storage bin, cutting into her heels every 5 steps or so. Again…delightful.


Then the next one pouts like a master. She can hold that pose for hours, you guys.

(hey, you guys, shut up. why would you even bring up my dirty windows again?!)

And then the boy. Ah, the boy. He’s sweet, that’s for sure. But it’s been a long summer and it’s getting harder and harder to remember how to speak nicely when we’re angry or frustrated and oftentimes, he yells and cries. Which makes me extremely frustrated. But he asked for a journal yesterday, which really surprised me, and he’s been writing in it and drawing. It seems to be helping a bit. Praise the heavens.


So what I’m trying to say is that it’s been a long couple days. And it’ll be a long couple more days until we pick up the rafters.

But there’s always a silver lining, right? Check out mine:

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 11.05.31 AM

I mean, no big deal. Just Kauai, HI, at an amazing resort with zero children for a week. A WEEK. The longest Danny and I have been away together with just the two of us was 3 nights. This is going to be an entirely different experience and I predict there will be tears from me a few times (because leaving your babies is hard), but it’s something Dan and I both desperately need before Francesca joins this zoo.

I’m sucking up that silver lining and practicing my Hula Dance.

Happy Friday, keikis!


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