Tiny Best Friends

Best friends make life more fun, sweeter and easier…and I think that’s true for even three year olds.

frozen-9 frozen-65 frozen-47

Are they the cutest?

Yep. They are. They are best friends (maybe because, really, they are each other’s only real friend they see on a regular basis). Seeing them together makes my heart so happy. They’re like a tiny oreo — olive skin and dark eyes with the fair skin and blue eyes. It’s perfect. They talk like little grownups and ask each other about their day, things going on at home, their babies, you name it. Listening to them talk it hysterical. They are sassy to each other and get jealous but forget 2 seconds later and are laughing and hugging.

I signed them up for a Frozen themed photo session (I called it a ‘fashion shoot’ to them and they ate it up) with my friend Sara and it was hilarious.

frozen-12 frozen-21 frozen-23

They were so good and I can’t wait to get the pictures back from Sara. If you don’t have little girls, then you may have escaped the obsession that is: FROZEN. Sara had the movie playing in the background and every time a song came on, the girls would stop, look at each other and just smile ear to ear and then burst into song. Ah, they had a blast and it was worth the $700 session fee.

I kid, I kid. It wasn’t $700.

Basically, I love these two. Especially together.

Happy Saturday!


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