Bittersweet August

When you live in an area with four very distinct seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall), it goes like this: in November, you’re ready for the snow and the really cold weather so you can wear those warm sweaters and hoodies and have the fire in your fireplace and drink hot cocoa in the morning. In February, you’re over it and dying to get out your sandals and short sleeves and put away the winter coats. And then in May you’re done with the sometimes cold, sometimes warm weather and just ready to live in tanks and flip flops. But come September, the crisp mornings and pumpkin spice lattes are calling your name. Ya know? After a taste of what you were really hoping for, you’re ready for the next thing.

That’s how it is with summer vacation. I was stoked for June to roll around and get off of that rigid schedule of drop offs and pick ups. But it’s August.

It’s 9 o’clock and this beauty still looks like this:


(that’s no shirt, hair a mess, somewhat scowling)

Costco trips always include Eggo waffles.

august-50 august-56

And they put syrup on them every time (normally syrup is reserved for weekends…weird, I know).

She walks around with a bottle like it ain’t no thing (she didn’t even start to drink out of a bottle until she was 1…why would we start that?!)


Our windows, thanks to our dogs (and tiny grimy hands), have looked like this for 4 days now:


I don’t even know if we have glass cleaner.

Maria’s not pictured because she’s still sleeping. I won’t even care about that for another hour when I finally wake her up.

You guys, this is how ready I am for summer vacation to be over.

But it’s bittersweet because once our school schedule starts, my house will be eerily quiet for most of the day. And, the truth is, even though it’s crazy and loud (SO loud) and sometimes really messy, I like the chaos, even though I desperately need a break from it now and then. I won’t miss lunch decision battles, non-napping attitudes by 4:00pm, and the 400 times a day, “You guys need to clean up this area before you can do anything else.”

The countdown is on. We have 2 and 1/2 weeks until we get this Fall show on the road. Early morning wake ups, packed lunches, Dawn’s house, homeschooling lessons, ballet, violin, and a solid routine.

Hopefully this face is still this happy…


…but make fixed up a tad.


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