It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my project 52, even though I always have a lot on my mind (I over think just about everything and I swear my mind sifts through a million thoughts each hour) and lots I want to write about. This seems to be a big year of change for me: changes in some relationships, Francesca changes, changes with the kids (we’re homeschooling Maria and are super excited about it!), lots of changes with the house, etc. I think no matter the change, even if it’s a great change and fun and exciting and new, it can also be really hard.

And sometimes what I need is really simple. An afternoon in a clean house (because it being clean is a must if I’m to be relaxed) just being. Listening to Alice play with her stuffed cat, Piglet, and clay robot, telling them, “I mean, everyone finks I’m a popstaw but I’m weally not,” then bursting into song. Watching Maria and Jamie play Just Dance and laughing hysterically at each other during the playback video. Helping Charlotte build her brown stair as high as she can and then beaming ear to ear when it’s “just perfect!” Olive waking up happy from a long nap and sitting with me while Francesca flips away in my belly. Soaking up all this sunshine I have. It’s a lot. And it’s just what I need to remember to flip my priorities — all this sunshine should be what I’m thinking about in my head while all that hard stuff just surfaces once in a while, I deal with it, and it’s gone. So for now I’m tasting the sunshine.


1 thought on “52:23

  1. Megan

    This post makes me smile. You have so much good advice. Thank you for always helping your friends and giving us all a positive perspective.


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