Our computer still can’t find internet so I’m on Dan’s gaming computer (I’m embarrassed to even admit there is such a thing in our home) downstairs. But I really wanna show you adorable pictures of Maria shredding up the park in Seattle.


Here’s a peek into our life. We make our kids do things. We make them do the usual things: cleaning their rooms, picking up messes from breakfast, finding little sisters who wander off, that kind of thing. But we also make them do fun things. The things they think they don’t want to do, but we make them do it anyway. Maria wanted to quit violin 2 months into it but we made her keep going. She loves it now. Jamie whines about having to go outside and play with his sisters but give him 2 minutes and he’s in play pretend heaven.

Skateboarding. We signed Maria up for this skateboard camp in Seattle without really asking her if she wanted to do it. It was more like a, “Hey, you’re going to do this really awesome skateboard camp and it’s going to be a lot of fun. You’ll meet some new friends!” She loves new friends so I knew she’d take the bait. She wasn’t sure about it at first. She’s fallen a few times here at home and while she loves tooling around in our driveway, when there are bigger obstacles and other kids around, she’s not quite as brave. But sometimes it’s okay to be forced to be brave. She went in with a smiling face.

Because that’s Maria.

seaskate-6 (thanks, JAMZ, for the rad skate gear!)

She was really shy when I dropped her off. Of course she was, she was in a city she was unfamiliar with, surrounded by kids who were really good on their boards and camp coaches who weren’t really concerned with being the lovey, soft, huggy type. But she was brave. And when I picked her up, she wouldn’t stop talking about her new friends Fi and Hugo and Robin and how she learned how to drop in.

YOU GUYS. She learned how to drop in.

seaskate-14She was so proud. She rode that skateboard from the park to our car, acting like such an expert.

 We’ve been super busy this week, but she’s excited to show Dan the things she’s learned here at our park. I think he’ll be proud, too.



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