Our computer is down.

And when I say “down” what I mean is that the little upside down triangle thingy in the upper right hand corner keeps trying to find an internet connection and it’s not happening. Which is odd because I’m getting wireless on my phone. But my darling hubby ( <— eww, I promise not to ever use that word again) has yet to get it fixed. I mean, you’d think that somewhere between tiling the baby girls’ bathroom, building a shelf and making Ollie a bed he’d find the freaking time to just fix my blog problem!!

Apparently he doesn’t care about the prospect of me losing readers because more than a week has gone by between posts. Or maybe he thinks more laundry will get done if the internet isn’t available (what a sucker, I still surf the ‘ol interweb on my phone). Or maybe he’s just busy. I don’t care what it is, I am going to really bug him tonight until it gets fixed so I can show you all the adorable skater pics of Maria at skate camp and the progress on the baby girls’ room.


(did you read that in Heather from RHONYC’s voice? Try it again.)




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