It’s a…


I laughed. I’ve been through 6 ultrasounds so far and I usually make sure I know what’s going to be happening when I go in for something like this so you bet I’ve looked at many ultrasounds online. I knew exactly what I was looking at when the ultrasound technician decided to go on down and take a peek.

“AH! She’s definitely a girl!”

The ultrasound tech laughed and agreed. She wiggled that wand around quite a bit to make sure we weren’t missing any extra parts. Nope, we totally weren’t.

Confession: I was SURE I would be devastated if I learned it was a girl. But the absolute truth? I am SO excited and happy, I can’t even describe it.

So here.  Let me introduce you to our newest, tiniest, most perfect kitten, Francesca Leilani.


She was wiggling and moving the entire time. She made it a tad difficult to get good pictures of the heart, but we eventually saw all 4 of those chambers and the lines on both the L and R side. We saw the bladder, kidneys, you name it. The tech was great, and although she didn’t say that everything looked perfect (because she can’t really do that), she showed me each part and pointed out where it was, what it does, etc. I’m feeling good about it.

Okay, the name.

I have a friend named Francesca. I absolutely LOVE her name. And although this baby isn’t named after this friend specifically, I think I probably love the name so much because this friend is just the sweetest. Dan was totally on board with it and after discussing it with my very posh and fancy friend, Tara, her nickname just might be Francie. Which I’m kind of equally in love with. Or maybe Franny. Or maybe Frankie. I mean, who knows?

Leilani is my Aunt Shari’s middle name and I just adore her, but even more, I adore the fact that my grandma and grandpa chose the name for her while living in Hawaii. She was born there and they both loved Hawaii so much. It gives me a fuzzy feeling (which is totally cheesy) thinking of my grandma choosing this special name for her based on something she loved so much. Again, Dan was on board. Basically, Danny is the most easy going guy in all the land.

So there you have it. We have 5 girls and a boy. It’s okay to laugh because it’s completely hilarious yet awesome at the same time. If any of my friends would like to go ahead and start a fund for us in order to pay for all 5 of these weddings, well, that would just be swell.



4 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. Pam Wright

    Congratulations to the whole family!! That’s wonderful news 🙂 Joe has 4 sisters and he survived very well. They ALL think he’s the best! Take heart might be the one they look up to 🙂

  2. Sherry

    Congratulations! So happy you shared and I love the names and nicknames and that she’s healthy! Hearing Francie reminds me of my Barbie dolls – Barbie had a cousin (?? Can’t totally remember what relation she was to Barbie). My friend had a Francie doll and we always had her impeccably dressed. So there you have it on my version of Francie!


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