Floors and Babies and Names and Ultrasounds.

We moved in a little over a year ago and have absolutely loved our house. We knew there would be things we would want to change, adjust, and update but still fell in love. One thing we took a look at when we toured the house the first time was what was under the white/beige carpet in the majority of the living space on the main floor.

Note: very light carpet with 5 young children is setting yourself up for either a) constant yelling, b) many dollars in spot cleaning solution or c) all of the above.

Under that carpet was wood floors. Like….really amazing, original hardwood. We knew we’d tear out the carpet in the first couple years so option c was fine with me for a bit. The yelling was temporary. I mean…the yelling as it pertains to floors and spills and pee and such.

Valley Hardwood came out last week and starting ripping up the carpets. They sanded the floors down, rebuilt a few spots that weren’t quite there, ripped up hundreds of nails and screws, sanded it again, and applied 3 coats of sealant. AH! They look PERFECT.


We can’t move furniture back until Saturday, but I’m already so stoked for the new look. On that note (of no furniture), that’s a catch to redoing hardwood floors. Our family room and kitchen and dining area look like this:

floors-25 floors-26 floors-27 floors-32

Those are bottles of wine just put right in the middle of our island. Random photos and computer paper and bags and rugs and chairs and books and toys are thrown in every available open space. The piano is taken apart and propped up in our living space. If you know me, you know that clutter and mess gives me anxiety. I don’t do well with clutter. So we spent a lot of time outside of our house. We took a trip to Sandpoint, we stayed 3 days at my parents, we played with friends and went swimming and had a few Taco Time outs. It’s been worth it.

Today I’m going to Home Depot and taking a look at moulding. I’m leaving for Seattle/Portland on Sunday and you bet I’ll be baby room shopping. Especially since…


We’ll find out if this baby is

Untitled-1 orvalentinew

(don’t worry, you’ll get a little explanation of our names and why we like them a little later on)

Happy Thursday.  And dude…

I’m back.


2 thoughts on “Floors and Babies and Names and Ultrasounds.

  1. Sherry

    I just know that Aleuradine McQuary (I’m sure that is misspelled) is looking down smiling at all the fun activity at your house. How exciting!

    And we are glad you are “back”!!


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