Here’s My Mass Text — blog style.

Hey all you friends!  Yeah, you. The gift givers. The ones who do really nice things for me. Specifically, those who have given me things and done things for me in the past 6 months (or maybe it’s been longer?!). I’m talking to you.


See? I wrote you a thank you note. Except I didn’t. And let me tell you something I pride myself on: MY THANK YOU NOTES.

In this crazy life of violin and 5 kids and gymnastics (although that only recently happened so it doesn’t count as an excuse) and birthday parties and planning parties and weddings and showers and holidays and kitchen renovations and chicken wrangling and diaper changing and lunch fixing and room cleaning and laundry folding…I have forgotten about my thank you note duties.

I haven’t forgotten about all of you nice people, though. Every time I use one of my handmade napkins, I think of you Shelley! And those flip flops Alice wears? She tells me Sadie got them for her each time. The necklace from Patti is safely in Charlotte’s jewelry box (it’s actually mine) and every Greek God themed gift has been lovingly and thoroughly used. We haven’t forgotten what wonderful people you are, we have just forgotten to tell you with a nice note.

But thank you.

I’ll try harder, I promise.


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