Winners and Besties

First and foremost, let me announce the winner of the Ice Dream Shoppe custom ice cream giveaway!


I can’t wait for Jade to dream up something delicious.  And no, you’re not allowed to share it with your husband or your 5 little beauties — you worked hard to earn this!! 😉


Thanks so much, Lana, for helping us out with this fun giveaway.  I hope you all got a chance to use the discount at the farmer’s market (if you’re local).  At the next one, make sure you get there right when they open because she sells out FAST!


I feel like we’ve been super busy, but then I remember we’re busy doing stuff like riding our tiny battery-powered cars with our besties.


And hitching a ride when we can.bffwednesday-15

We are so lucky that our best friends live next door to us. They put up with screaming kids, barking dogs, toys in our yard, bikes strewn about and probably more ruckus than they care to experience. And C usually drags her favorite little friend into it all.bffwednesday-20 bffwednesday-26

Happy Wednesday!

(PS: Olive’s ridiculously adorable crop top is from Czarina’s Project. She makes adorable leggings, bows, headbands, shirts. To die for. Her amber necklace is from my friend Rachael (@theculturedfamily on IG).  And if you have a little friend you need a tandem bike bestie shirt to share with, head over to Gap.)


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