Ice Cream Giveaway!

Once upon a time, Ruthie thought she had all her shit together. She planned a birthday party for one of her 83 children and invited the family. And then she remembered she forgot about dessert.

You guys.  I forgot about dessert for a freaking birthday party.

Thank the heavens above that my friend Lana had just opened up shop and created one of the most delicious businesses this little valley has ever seen!


Let’s talk about my love of ice cream. It runs deep. I prefer ice cream over cake and my favorite part is mixing flavors and toppings and textures and I think I’m pretty bomb at it. So when Lana asked me, “So what kind of ice cream would you like for her party?” I said, “Well what are my options?”



Here’s the deal: you tell Lana your favorite flavor combinations and she whips it up. I’m not kidding.  You should have seen some of the crazy concoctions her clients came up with that she posted on her Facebook page! Alcohol, friends. Alcoholic ice cream!! I mean, of course there is the standard chocolate and vanilla options, but let’s get real.

I ordered cake batter, coffee and chocolate. Dude. The coffee was unreal. The cake batter was gone before the night was over and the chocolate was perfection.

I feel bad that I’ve gone a week without posting so because I like all of you so much, I’m hosting an ice cream giveaway with The Ice Dream Shoppe!!


Like…you tell her exactly what you want and she makes it for you.  FOR FREE!!!

Here’s how to enter:

Enter Here

Follow the instructions and you’ll be entered to win.  EASY.

Oh, and if you want to take advantage of everything The Ice Dream Shoppe has to offer before the giveaway ends, Lana is giving you all a discount on your treat!


Visit the Ice Dream Shoppe at the Lewiston Farmer’s Market in Beautiful Downtown Lewiston this Saturday from 5-8pm. Tell her you’re a blog reader to get that sweet price. <—(see what I did there?)

The giveaway will run through next Wednesday, and you can enter every day. Tell your friends! Share on your Facebook page! Good luck!!


6 thoughts on “Ice Cream Giveaway!

  1. Erika

    Ok, check this: Basalt Cellars Rim Rock Red AND Ghiradelli Caramel squares… one big frozen lump of orgasmic goodness.


  2. Jade

    I will literally be up all night tonight trying to figure out what ice cream flavor I want her to make for me. So many possibilities!


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