That Time I Became a Dance Mom.

It was about 3:40pm. June 20th. In our master bathroom.  These words came out of my mouth, spoken to my 9 year old daughter who isn’t even really allowed to watch Good Luck, Charlie for God’s sake:


She had a dance ‘showcase’ and of course needed stage makeup.

Can we all please agree on one thing? The best part about dance is waiting for the show to start and sitting in the bathroom with your friends applying just a little more makeup.

Because when the showcase was finished, she admitted to me:

“Yeah, my friend added a little more liner to my eyes because…ya know…it just wasn’t enough.”


You guys, guess what I did.

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I didn’t even care. And this, my friends, is how I know that I’m officially tired and no longer fighting battles I would have fought before. Before we know it, I will be enrolling Alice in pole dancing lessons.

Chill out, you guys.  I’ll choose a very clean and respectable studio.

But Maria did great at her dance performance. She hasn’t taken ballet for a few years and at that point, it was definitely beginner. This was a 2 week-long intense workshop. They didn’t make it easy. Most of the girls have been taking lessons from the studio for a while, some for many years. Maria had to jump right in and work really hard to try and catch up and she did it beautifully.

balletrecital-95 balletrecital-103 balletrecital-106

She’s excited about signing up for regular lessons this Fall and who knows…we might be enrolling her in a swanky New York dance school for college.  I mean, who knows?

All 7 of us packed up to watch her.

balletrecital-7 balletrecital-9 balletrecital-10 balletrecital-15 balletrecital-21

We played a little bit before — we got there a little early.

balletrecital-24 balletrecital-25 balletrecital-63 balletrecital-73-2 balletrecital-101

And this weekend is full of swimming and birthday parties and baby showers and family and bbqs and chicken transport.

Chicken.  Transport.

Happy weekend!


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