Naturally, we started the day with donuts. On Sundays, we usually have donuts from Albertson’s and Father’s Day was no exception.

fathersday14-15 fathersday14-17 fathersday14-18 fathersday14-20

(J was not dressed appropriately for pictures.  read: not dressed at all.)

As far as Father’s go, we lucked out. I mean, I lucked out because I didn’t have a choice who my dad was…but I made a pretty solid choice for my kids.

fathersday14-25 fathersday14-26

Our skateboarding, beer brewing, tattoo-ed daddy spent his day building the kittens an amazing fort. The whole day. I don’t think he even had time for a beer until dinner (and, dude, it’s Sunday. You can drink all day on Sundays).

I suppose not the whole day. We did take a break at lunch to take Papa some food up at the farm.

You guys, this farm is legit.


This is just a small part of it. The big plants (3 rows) are potatoes. Then we have corn to the right, a row of wildflowers, beans, peas, beets, edamame, watermelons, squash, pumpkins, peppers, cucumbers, sunflowers, and eggplant to the left.

And as a papa, he’s pretty legit, too.


He does things like spends Sundays putting down sod in a very small area of the farm so that the baby has a soft place to walk and sit and hang out.


And these kids love the farm.

fathersday14-8 fathersday14-10 fathersday14-23

And, (not-so) secretly, I do too.


(i am well aware i have the hands of a 10 year old boy)

After a farm picnic lunch we went home to finish up the kid’s fort.

fathersday14-29 fathersday14-35

We finished it off with a tarp, then canvas — all screwed in.

Danny constructed this sucker like he builds them all the time. Everything was cut perfectly and I know that should we ever need to build ourselves a home…we’re set.

Check it:fathersday14-41

Scout approves.fathersday14-43

Happy Father’s Day!


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