Surviving Summer

I learn best from my mistakes. I always think I have these amazing ideas and while a lot of the time they are totally bomb (because I’m an idea wizard) sometimes I fail miserably. Last summer, I failed miserably. In my head I thought, “Summer is going to be great! We will just all hang out and do nothing!” So ‘nothing’ quickly turned into lots of Phineus and Ferb and Xbox. I did a lot of Pinterest and magazine reading. Sometimes we went and did fun things, but for the most part we really did nothing.

This summer, I’m making a change. We have a schedule, my friends. Like…an actual typed up, printed out, tacked to our to-do board schedule. Since I don’t want any crazies showing up and trying to steal my kittens while we’re at the library, I’ll show you a pretend one (mine looks identical, but different things at different times):


Feel free to make fun alllllll you want, but let me tell you…we’re on day 2 of the schedule and I’m so happy. Jamie will ask me what we’re doing this afternoon and I say, “Go look at the schedule.” He knows exactly what is coming and there is no room to argue. Weekends are a treat because they can watch a movie and play a bit of video games. Yesterday was our first real, true life day of summer and it started out a little bit difficult. Our morning activity was cleaning our rooms and Jamie did not like that. Probably because he had approximately 3,452 Legos embedded in his carpet. After an hour he said,


Which was freaking hilarious because he is so lazy. But I didn’t budge and he stayed up there for another hour cleaning until his room was clean. Boom.

Other activities we have on our schedule during the week? Library time, ride our bikes to the park, write comics, play Monopoly (my kids love Monopoly…boo.), make collages….that kind of thing.

And luckily, I’m not doing this Summer stuff all on my own.  I have a little help.

-Dawn. Charlotte still goes to Dawn’s which is a blessing from heaven. She would hate my schedule. 1) she’s too little to understand it and to even do 1/2 the things I have planned. 2) she loves Dawn I’m pretty sure as much as she loves me and would hate to miss out on it. 3) her best friend B goes to Dawn’s and she has a blast with her all day.

– The kids each have an activity I’ve signed them up for.


Maria is doing a 2 week ballet camp and after her first day (you guys, it’s 8.5 hours long each day!) she was absolutely exhausted but had the best time. In July we’re going to Seattle for a skateboard camp. Maria is set.

Jamie asked to do gymnastics so both he and Charlotte are doing 1 hour a week.

Alice is doing swimming lessons.

Aside from Jamie and Charlotte, they are doing different things and that makes it a little more special to them. It gives me down time (I take gym kids when Dan is home and can watch the rest of the litter) while they do the activity and it keeps them motivated to do well at home so they keep the privilege.

You guys.  I’m genius.


1 thought on “Surviving Summer

  1. Pam Wright

    Good for you!!! I love schedules…it really helps me organize all the things I want to do and I think kids do well with structure, don’t you (although it’s got to be flexible). Great job, Ruthie!!


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