A Baby Shower, Camping Kids, Yardsales and Haveheart. Oh my.

I’ve been busy, you guys.

Busy doing things like pricing 10 million and 1/2 items for a yard sale. Would it be tooting my own horn to say that not only was it a yard sale but it was a very successful yard sale at that? Yes, it would? Okay, I won’t then.

Last weekend, Dan said he was going camping.  I said, “No, that’s the yard sale weekend.” And then he said, “Yes.  Yes I am.” And I thought maybe he didn’t hear me so I said again, in simpler words, “I’m having our yard sale on Saturday.” To which he replied (very crankily I might add), “I’m not not going camping just because of some yard sale.” And then I decided we were in a fight for a little bit, but I needed him to get a bunch of stuff from storage and do things like clean up dog poop and mow the back lawn and stuff so I decided we weren’t in a fight anymore, I was just mad at him.

But he took a couple kids.

And I showed him, because I made lots of money and I’m probably going to spend it on stuff like Starbucks. Maybe kids’ clothes. And probably a babysitter or 2. And if I’m being honest, my parents totally did 50% of all the work involved, including bringing me dinner twice.

And Saturday I attended my friend’s baby shower that was hosted by my other friend Tara. Tres Chic.


isn’t she cute?


potted herb favors


cheeeeeese plate!!!!



It was quite lovely. My parents watched the kids (since, you know, Dan had ruined my life by leaving to go camping) and when I got to their house to get them, they were swimming so we stayed a little longer. We got back and the camping kids were back and were dirty as all get out. But they gave me lots of hugs and “I missed you”s and were pretty much the sweetest so I forgave the dirt. I forgave Danny, too, because he did all the dishes in the sink…and there were lots.

Oh, and you guys, check out the new issue of Haveheart Magazine. I wrote a couple articles and am so pleased to be a part of it! Hopefully they keep me around.

Oh, and another thing. The baby’s heart rate is 140. Which is just silly because it’s not fast enough to call it girl and not slow enough to call it boy. This would totally happen. My BP is normal, I gained 1 lb and morning sickness isn’t going away. Cross your fingers for me.

Happy Monday!


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