Let me just preface this post with an explanation (please learn there is always an explanation).  We were up literally all night with Alice.  She would sleep for maybe 45 seconds at a time and then wake up crying.  I’m not exaggerating.  Finally she woke up enough to tell us that her ear hurt and after giving her tylenol and trying to work some magic with essential oils, Dan and I were both so exhausted that he ended up taking her in to minor care where she was given antibiotics and more tylenol.  So basically, what I’m saying, is that their hair is a mess and no, they did not shower.  With that being said…



Zara dress || Zulily shoes


Hello Apparel tank || Eddie Bauer shorts || Stride Rite kicks


Olive Juice dress


Gap tank || Gap jeans || Old Navy shoes


Gap tee || Gap bloomers.  I love bloomers.

Happy Wednesday!


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