Big Plans

I apologize for my absence….I’ve been sick as a dog (if I’m not nauseous I have a headache) and so tired that I spend the time I should be doing things like laundry and dishes watching Scandal and the time I should be blogging taking care of the house.  Where the heck are my priorities?!

But I’ve learned that straying from my routine and schedule is bad for my mental health.  I get very cranky and very bored and I snap at people (read:  Dan) and I don’t reply to texts and I turn into the biggest baby on the planet.  There are 9 more school days before summer and this mama is turning things around.  I have grand plans.

Right now, parts of my house look like this:


This is my computer room/Olive’s room.  You guys, I know.  It’s also where we throw anything that doesn’t quite have a place in our home.  Like…gift bags and safari costumes and clothes I’m sorting.  Poor Olive sleeps in squalor.  But this week, It’s getting cleaned up and organized.  It’s going to end up being Olive and the new baby’s room and there will be new paint, flooring and other major changes but first…it’s getting cleaned up.


This is the only area on our main floor that is designated as a play area.  Apparently I don’t care what anyone thinks of our home because I’ve let it go.  Those papers have been on the floor right there since last Wednesday. There are Lego bits and pieces of garbage and a box of too-small shoes that would take approximately 2 minutes to clean up and move, but nope.  I’m much too busy.  But not today.


My laundry room.  And hallway.  Here’s something no one told me when I decided to have 89 children.  The laundry literally never stops.  I am never, ever done with laundry.  It keeps coming.  There are always pairs of princess undies and jammies to clean along with tee shirts and jeans and shorts and more shorts that got dirty so they had to be changed, etc.  Deedees and stuffed animals and canvas shoes.  You guys.  The laundry never effing stops.  I feel so accomplished when I have 3+ hours in my life of absolutely no laundry.  Do you know how many times I’ve felt accomplished?  Maybe twice.

Today, I’ll make it thrice.

So that’s why I’ve been away.  I’ve been making plans for getting my house in order before the animals are released from their cages for the summer. Tomorrow’s Wednesday, and with all the laundry I’m doing today I promise the children will be presentable.


2 thoughts on “Big Plans

  1. Haley Grossman

    LOL….and I am not laughing at you I am laughing with you. Not really because it’s funny but because my house looks like that ALL the time. I only have 3 little humans to clean up after and my house is crazy. My husband hasn’t had a day off in months….literally. Well he had 3 whole days off and guess what we did? Nope…nothing fun. We cleaned, threw stuff away, and put stuff back together. Sorta. Good luck….I hate doing stuff like that but it is sooo worth it when you’re done.

  2. Jacqueline King

    I’m glad I’m not the only one…my house looks like that too! This growing a baby stuff is hard work! 🙂


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