The Best

There are a lot of people in my life who I am thankful for.  Friends and family and Lisa {my favorite barista in all the land.}  The nice checkout woman at Albertson’s.  Our neighbors across the street who might be the sweetest people on Earth. And some of these people I talk about as being the best. They are the ones who just know when I need a pick-me-up or who do things for me without me having to ask and who say, “Don’t even worry about it,” when I screw up.

You guys.  Dawn.  Dawn is one of the best.

I’m always with kids, so when I don’t have all 36 of my kids with me, I’m always asked where the missing ones are.  Usually the answer is: “School and Dawn’s.”  And I say ‘Dawn’s’ like everyone knows Dawn.  But, weird, people don’t.  So I get, “Who is Dawn?”

And I don’t really know what to say.  Once Maria told someone it was Charlotte’s babysitter and I thought Charlotte was going to freak out.  “Dawn is not a babysitter!!!  Dawn is just Dawn!” And I just nodded my head, because she’s right.  Dawn does, indeed, watch Charlotte during the day, but she’s not really Charlotte’s babysitter. She’s….Dawn.

She’s the one who teaches Charlotte songs and makes her 3 breakfasts if she wants.

She’s the one who gives the kids goodie bags for every single holiday….”kids” as in all 5 of mine.

She’s the one who cuddles Charlotte and B for naps each day…and cuddles them before and after, too.

She’s sometimes the one Charlotte wants when she’s sad…I act offended but I’m actually so happy she loves Dawn so much.

She’s the one who doesn’t blink at my request to drop off Olive for a full day even when she has a house full of kids and babies already.

She’s the one who comes to birthday parties and celebrates with the kids at her house, too.

She takes them to the park, to McDonald’s, to Costco.  She takes them to see her husband (who Charlotte loves, too, and wants to name the new baby after if it’s a boy!).  She is a soft and quiet soul who is as generous and giving as anyone I’ve met.  She tells the kids she loves them…and she means it 100%.

And when you might forget to pick up your daughter at 3:00pm after 3 reminders of an appointment she had scheduled weeks ago and she can’t get ahold of you because your phone was dead the entire day so she is not only late to her appointment, she also has to pack up your daughter and take her to your pal’s house so she can watch her until you get home, all she says is, “It’s no problem, don’t worry about it!”

That happened.

And I was MORTIFIED.  Yesterday, I was the parent that I absolutely cannot stand.  The one who KNOWS about something (important) and still forgets. I would have been so stressed out if I was Dawn that I would have freaked and probably cried.  But do you know what Dawn did?

Tonight she made us taco soup for dinner.

Photo May 22, 5 54 47 PM

[i mixed in some sour cream and cheese….the best]

And I might have let some water fall out of my eyes a little bit when she said, “Sometimes mamas need a break!” because she knew exactly what I needed.

Dawn, you’re a saint.  I cannot imagine Charlotte or Olive being with anyone else during the day when they’re not with me.  You treat them like your own babies and someday I will be able to repay you with something other than dollars because you deserve something grand.




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