Another Wednesday, another W(th)WW post.  Let me tell you, nothing exciting around these parts.  Changing seasons is hard because it requires whole new wardrobe.  What Maria wore when she was Alice’s size is mostly Fall/Winter and Olive is much smaller than Charlotte.  Ah!  These kids are really cutting into my Starbucks wallet.



TJ Maxx top || Hudson jeans || Nordstrom shoes


He gave his bangs a little trim — “I still want it long, but just a little short.  I did it so we didn’t have to spend money on a hair cut!”  Dude.

Peek Kids top || Eddie Bauer shorts || Converse knock offs


Lydia Jane top || Mini Boden jeans || Sanita clogs


What you see here is something I just didn’t have the energy to fight.  You guys, send help.  SOS.

Jessie hat || Gap top || Peek Kids shorts || 1 Jessie boot || Eggo waffle


She woke up literally 2 minutes before this was taken.

Zara top || Gap shorts

I have a lot of whining to do, but I’ll save that for a later post.  For now, Happy Wednesday!!


1 thought on “W(th)WW

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