Sometimes I get sheepish about things I love.  I am embarrassed that I spend my free time doing things like blogging or reading other blogs or painting little peg people (seriously) or watching my chickens eat bugs.  We pack the kids up on random weekends and explore something.  A farmer’s market in Moscow, the Blues, a cool trail down to the river — usually spending more time packing up and driving than the time spent actually exploring.  I hang out with Dan and the kids at the skatepark, just watching.

But things like this little quote are reminders that it’s not just coincidental that these are the things I love and the things I choose to do over and over again.

I think we’re all meant to do certain things just to make the world interesting and unique and fun and creative.  And we’re all given certain passions that are just meant for us.  They fit us perfectly and that’s not random.  It’s our tiny contributions to life.  And all of our tiny contributions together add up to some really amazing moments and experiences and something we can all appreciate.

Embrace your passions.  Fuel them and inspire yourself — as much for yourself as for everyone around you, too.


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