Keeping Secrets and How No One Cares

Sometimes I think I’m a lot cooler than I am.  Certain Pinterest quotes that someone pins?  Dude, totally about me.  Did you just see that girl whisper 10 seconds after I walked by?  She was probably talking about my bold choice of shoes.  (read:  moccasins with yoga pants).

Newsflash, Ruthie:  no one really cares.  That was a really wonderful and enlightening realization, let me tell you.  People are so wrapped up in their own business, drama and lives that yours is merely a blip on their care radar.  Now, this is for MOST people.  I know that friends and family are genuinely interested and you all know exactly who those people are in your lives.  But the ones you are worried about gossiping and talking and snarking?  They will care for a tiny fraction of time and then move on.  And sometimes that little fraction of time is annoying and rude and can make you feel like %*#&…but it’ll pass very quickly.

Okay, I’ll get on with it.

I have a secret.  When I first became aware of this secret I said, “I’m not telling ANYONE.  Only family and friends.  I don’t wanna hear about it and people can just find out later on their own.” I was dead set on this for weeks and weeks.  I thought I was so clever and funny and boy was I going to show all of them.

(who is “all of them!?”)

But time slowly passed and I became really excited about my secret.  And it made me happier and happier and I remember having the same secret 5 other times and being able to write about it on my blog and share pictures and laugh about the awkwardness of it at times and share more pictures and share the really sweet moments about it, too.

I’m pregnant.  11 weeks (give or take a few days).  Still in the first trimester, but we’ve seen the little bug and its heartbeat and everything looks fantastic at this point.  I’m sick as hell, but maybe that just means it’s a boy (fingers crossed).

This will make it an even 1/2 dozen for us.  6 kids.  SIX.  That’s so many.  And believe me, I will hear about it from a lot of people.  But remember, Ruthie, it’ll pass.

So I want to share this sweet baby just like I did A and C and O (the other 2 were before blogdom).  My growing belly and my horrible maternity clothing choices on select days.  Doctors appointments and kids’ opinions and thoughts on things like name and gender.  And it’s a silly secret to keep and thank God I woke myself up to the fact that it doesn’t matter what other people think.

This is my announcement and it’s as big as it’s gonna get (i.e.: there will be no clever photo of a bun inside an oven or a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce on Facebook)

So get ready.  #6 is due to arrive late November/early December and we’re 100% ready to take this ride.


12 thoughts on “Keeping Secrets and How No One Cares

  1. Suzanne Johnson

    OMG! Note to self: Do not stop reading blogs during wedding craziness because your husband ends up telling you the news! Yes Brandon reads your blog. I squealed with excitement! Oh Ruthie I can’t wait for baby #6!

  2. Melanie

    I knew it!!! As soon as I saw that you had a secret. I’m so happy – happy for you, happy for your family, but most of all I’m happy for this new baby. Happy for this very blessed new baby!!! Congratulations!!!

  3. Veronica

    Congratulations!! I am very happy for you! Your new one is so lucky to be coming into such a strong and awesome family. I myself came from a large family and know that it is a blessing that I wouldn’t trade in for anything. My mom has told me that every time someone discovered she was pregnant again they could be very rude and judgmental, even if they weren’t trying to be. However, she didn’t let that stop her from having children and loving those children the best way she could and for that I am thankful for. You are an amazing mother and God has given you another beautiful gift to share with the world. Shout it to the rooftops girl! (Thanks for sharing your secret.)

  4. Liz

    Congratulations! Whether it’s 1, 20 or anywhere in between you should get to be excited about another beautiful little being! 🙂

  5. Shay

    Woohoo !!!!! I feel way more excited than I probably should since I don’t actually know you. Hahaha but whatever I’m happy for you and your good hearted family.

    Side note: I read your blog when Im milking myself. Get that image out of your head;)

    Xoxo Shay

  6. Pam Wright

    Congratulations to you and Dan!! Joe has 6 in his family and they’re all close. Hope the morning sickness fades fast 🙂

  7. Jennifer

    I am so excited for you and your family!!!! I literally squealed when I read this! It is good people like you and Dan and the kids that you are raising that give me hope for the future of this planet.

  8. Jilly

    Yeah giirrrrrrl get it!!!!!! You are a goddess of fertility and that is something to celebrate!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to your family!

  9. Christine

    So I was blog stalking ramdomly…and that’s just embarassing to admit…but I want to tell you how lucky I think you are and how lucky I think your kids are to get to grow up with a crew. And six kids is a lot and you are just so darn lucky to have them and a lot of people would just kill to be in your maternity pants. Have a great pregnancy and sending you boy vibes. Chrissy


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