DIY: Off-Beat Party Hats

For Alice’s camping-themed birthday party, I wanted to make a party hat that wasn’t bright and over-the-top since the color scheme was brown and green with burlap and plants used as decor.

Enter: cupcake liner party hats.


1.  Go online and find a free template for a cupcake liner.  This is the basic shape of your party hat.


2.  Choose assorted stamps to fit your theme.  I had these bird and branch stamps and they happened to be perfect.  You can also have your kids color/draw on them if you’d rather.  Same idea.
alicecampout-3 alicecampout-4 alicecampout-2

3. I have a thing for washi tape.  I love it.  I might have a full drawer of these tiny little rolls in my closet.  I’m not sorry about it, either.  Choose a roll (or 3) to use to secure the ends of your hat together.  I chose some fun prints just to mix it up a bit.

alicecampout-5 alicecampout-7

4. Tape together the ends of your hat.  Washi tape sometimes has a hard time sticking, so you’ll want to tape it all the way around.
alicecampout-6 alicecampout-8

5. You can get this elastic cord at any craft store and it’s really inexpensive.  I used my kids as a measuring tool (remember it stretches, so don’t make it too loose!) and cut the length I needed.alicecampout-9

6.  This is the odd part.  If you have one of those handy tools that punches a tiny hole in paper (I’ve seen them at Michaels, I think Martha Stewart brand?) you are so crafty.  I didn’t have that.  So, I improvised.  The pin of a thumbtack is the perfect size. alicecampout-10

7.  Thread one end of the elastic through the hole and tie a knot on the inside.
alicecampout-11 alicecampout-12 alicecampout-13

8.  Repeat step 7 for the other side.

9.  Voila!  How cute and fun is that?!alicecampout-15 alicecampout-18

Now go — party on!


1 thought on “DIY: Off-Beat Party Hats

  1. Pam Wright

    Very cute!! I’ll have to remember this one too. I think I’ve seen that bird stamp on the Yellow Owl Workshop website (I have the pine cone and branch stamp). I also need to check a local store for the washi tape… 🙂


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