I almost told you guys that I forgot to take pictures of the kids today and there wouldn’t be a w(th)ww post.  But then I remembered that friends don’t lie to one another.

You guys!

My children look like perhaps they have just survived both a tornado and a hurricane, each one the worst the world has ever seen.



TJ Maxx Romper || Nike kicks

The romper and the Nikes are not bad on their own.  But together?  Ay ay ay.  This girl needs some neutral ballet flats.



Peek Kids shirt || Nike pants || CROCs.

Only after I uploaded the images did I look at his footwear.  I just let the world know I purchased Crocs for my child.  If you could see me right now, I’m hanging my head in shame.  Oh, the shirt is awesome.  It says “Colonel Mustard in the Library”.  But…with Nike training pants?  I’d like to know what exactly James Flynn is training for….


Alice is not pictured because she’s in Disneyland.  But imagine her wearing an Ariel dress with cotton candy in one hand, chocolate milk in the other.  Not walking, but being driven around in a stroller, directing her Lala and Papa exactly which way to stroll her.



Zara tee || Peek Kids shorts || Zulily shoes

Oops.  I forgot to do her hair today.

Nope, didn’t forget.  I made the conscious decision to put that hair in Dawn’s hands because, let’s face it, Dawn can do no wrong in Charlotte’s eyes, and we just fight when I do her hair anyway.  Yes.  I fight with a 3 year old.  Strike a pose, C.



Zara top || Joe’s metallic jeans || horrible socks

Okay.  So maybe I don’t iron.  Big deal.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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