Alice Maureen is 5

Alice was born at night, I think around 10:30pm.  My pregnancy was easy (minus kidney stones on my birthday…but that wasn’t really her fault) and she came crazy-fast. DSC_0039

She had tons of dark hair and weighed 7 lbs 4 oz of perfection.  She nursed like a champion and fit into our family like she’d been there all along.


She was such a happy baby.  She was so quiet and so good. Really, they all were.  arod-49

She’s always wanted to pal around with the big kids and they totally let her.doubleplaydate-18

She is sassy and bossy.  But oh, she’s so much fun.  Sally-27 Overland-18 wthwwjuly31-2 ballerina-11

For some reason, I always have a hard time when I realize she’s getting older.  Not the other kids.  She is SUCH a typical kid.  She’s innocent and sassy and bossy but blink and she’s incredibly sweet and snuggly.  She lives in a dream land and plays pretend and rides her bike like the wind and sucks her thumb and can’t say her Rs, Th’s, Ow’s, and a handful of other sounds.  I secretly love it.

I know that pretty soon her top teeth will come in and she’ll get rid of that thumb sucking habit. She’ll never want to make a floor bed next to me and instead of riding back and forth in front of our driveway on her bike, she’ll wanna hang out with her friends.  She has such a young heart that I don’t want her to ever lose it.

But now she’s 5.

And today she’s riding on Splash Mountain and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree and eating cotton candy and hot dogs and ice cream and meeting Minnie and Elsa and Ana and being absolutely spoiled rotten by Lala and Papa in Disneyland.

Happy Birthday to our sweet Alice!

Hip, Hip, Hooray!


1 thought on “Alice Maureen is 5

  1. Sherry

    Happy Birthday, Alice! Disneyland sounds like the perfect place to spend her 5th BD (or any BD for that matter). Happy day, happy life, Miss Alice!


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