Charlotte is 3

My pregnancy with Charlotte was fairly easy.  I found out I was pregnant with her in September, the end of Summer. RuthMaternity-33

We found out she would be our 3rd girl on Christmas Eve and her name was already picked:  Charlotte because we both loved it and Clayton after one of our best friends. And it fit her perfectly.charlotte-27

My labor wasn’t exactly easy — it was my longest by far.  I was admitted around 6:00pm I think (?) and didn’t actually have her until the next morning.  5 something.  I know that millions of people have it harder than that, but for a Prasil baby, it was rough! The sun was just coming up.  But oh, she was worth

She was a good baby.  She was quiet and tiny and went along with whatever we were doing.

But she slowly but surely found her voice and her spunk.

And now she’s 3.  And there’s a very good chance that she’s both the sassiest 3 year old and the sweetest 3 year old I’ve ever met.  charlotte3rd-15

Her 3rd Birthday:

We started the day with gifts of course.


I asked what she wanted to do for breakfast and she yelled, “Dat Waffles n More place!!”  They have really great hot chocolate.

We loaded up.

charlotte3rd-19 charlotte3rd-20 charlotte3rd-21

The wait was about 15 minutes, but we are really lucky that the kids do so well.charlotte3rd-29 charlotte3rd-37

And when a family of 7 is seated and 5 of them are fairly young children, people get nervous.  And they kind of should.  They aren’t naughty, but they are loud.  charlotte3rd-64 charlotte3rd-70

But the service is quick and we’re quick eaters.  We don’t mess around.  An hour, tops, and we’re out of there.

We got home and Charlotte decided to break out her new skates.  Take ’em for a spin.charlotte3rd-79

She’s a natural.charlotte3rd-82

The rest of the day was spent just hanging out while the kids played then we went to Zany’s and my parents to swim and hot tub.  We had to rest up because today, Sunday, was Charlotte’s ‘friend’ party.charlotte3rd-84

I caved and let her do a princess party.  A Disney princess character party.  A moment of weakness.

charlotte3rd-87 charlotte3rd-90 charlotte3rd-92

But she absolutely loved it.  We had our friend Whitney come and do princess hair which was a treat.

Check out the princess before:




Wow.  It’s amazing what a little effort will do.

The kids played, ate pizza, opened gifts, ate cake and then hit the piñata.charlotte3rd-114 charlotte3rd-108 charlotte3rd-104
Little kids suck at pinatas.  It’s almost like they aren’t strong enough to break the damn things.  So don’t worry, Danny is a pretty strong guy and broke it open for them.


I think the party-goers had fun.charlotte3rd-120

I know Charlotte did.charlotte3rd-122

I had to run the big kids to another party at 2:00 and when I got home at 2:40, she was crashed out on the couch and slept for 2 more hours.  Tuckered out princess, that’s for sure.

Happy Birthday, Charlotte Clayton!


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