May Day

We love celebrations at our house.  Maria, especially, loves everything about them:  the anticipation, the preparation, the actual celebrating, everything.  May Day here is a holiday and we celebrated accordingly.

My mom made the kids about 30 paper cones with handles and gave us stickers to decorate and put on the front.  My mom knows how to celebrate.

For flowers we went to an empty lot near our house that happens to be the home of a giant lilac tree (bush?) and we cut a few branches down along with some of our dogwoods and white flowers from our backyard.

mayday-1 mayday-2

The kids and I got to filling the baskets.

mayday-4 mayday-7 mayday-8

And after they were all full, we stuck them in this storage basket and the celebration began!

(Jamie celebrated without telling any of his sisters which resulted in a brother vs. sister scuffle.  Rude words were exchanged and I even heard Maria ban him from future May Day activities.  Then that resulted in tears.  I had to step in.)


First was the very careful walk across the street to Mr. and Mrs. P.mayday-12

“You guys stay down here so I can ring the bell and run!”mayday-13 mayday-15

Turns out, Charlotte is a bomb hider.

mayday-17 mayday-19

The girls were so pleased.mayday-21

They walked on their own for about 30 minutes until I wrangled them back our way.  They kept wanting to go further and further.  I got cranky.  They got cranky back.  Baskets got destroyed by bikes (on accident), Olive got fussy.  Charlotte got sassy.  Thank GOD Papa and Lala arrived so I could take a breather.

Sometimes even celebrating can be exhausting.

Happy May!


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