Man, yesterday was rough.  It’s like everything piles on at exactly the same time and sometimes you squirt out a few tears.

But do you know what I learned?  I learned that Dan and I have a pretty amazing support system behind us.  Since Sunday, we’ve had people text, call, email, or comment in our support. Not just “we agree with the scooter decision!” (dude, say that out loud!  It is seriously ridiculous) but supporting us as people.  Letting us know that we are good people, a great family.  Numerous people stuck up for us and reached out to let us know they think we are great.

My parents, my brothers, our close friends, our not-super-close-friends (but still friends) and even acquaintances.  And that meant so much to us.  Because it matters to let people know you care about them and you respect them especially when there are jerks who try and make it sound like they’re not so great.

And today I think, “WWMD?”  M stands for Maureen.  My grandma.  Today marks 10 years since she died.  This woman was pretty remarkable and I’m not just saying that because she used to make me the most buttery cinnamon toast you’ve ever tasted or the fact that sometimes she’d pick us up from school in her gold convertible and take us to Polar Bear.  It’s actually true in the real world.  She was amazing.

And I know what she’d do in each situation.  I know that if she felt strongly about an idea, a rule, a policy or a stance on something, she’d fight to make sure it was enforced, followed, and understood.  She’d fight it with intelligence and patience and she’d never look a fool.  And if someone was horrible to someone else for absolutely no reason — she’d reach out.  She’d stand up for them both publicly and personally.  That person would know without a doubt she was behind them.  She was a leader and a friend and classy and intelligent and beautiful and passionate.  And I think maybe it’d do us all a lot of good to ask wwmd?



1 thought on “WWMD?

  1. Sherry

    Maureen has certainly left her footprint down here on earth in what you learned from her. Ruthie, nice way to start another day and take a negative and turn it around. She is looking down on you smiling!


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