It’s mid-week (let’s celebrate) and time for What (they) Wore Wednesday!



My kids are between winter/spring wear so we mix and match these days.  Let me tell you something.  When you have kids who don’t wear the same things in the same seasons at the same sizes…new season sales are incredibly appealing.  I hit a couple up so hopefully  we get new duds in the next week or so.

Zara top || American Eagle shorts || Zara shoes


“Jamie.  We need to either cut your hair or you have to let me pin it back.”

“Mom.  Pin it.”

Hello Apparel top || Mini Boden shorts || Kangaroos shoes


Zara top || Tucker and Tate sweater || TJ Maxx shorts || Roxy shoes


Mini Boden jacket || Tucker and Tate shorts (hilarious) || Zulily shoes


Peek Kids shirt || Ruthie Exclusive leggings 🙂 || Freshly Picked moccs


Look.  They are actual, real, require some effort shoes!!  And jeans.  Those aren’t yoga pants!


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