I wish this was a lot easier for me.  I tend to get caught up in what people think and how people act.  I read into things a lot deeper than I should and it’s hard for me to forget.  This weekend was a good lesson for me.  Someone wrote into the paper and said some pretty hurtful things about Dan and his involvement in the Parks and Rec.  They alluded to the fact that he bought his seat on the board and that his arrogance and status seeking self runs it.  And it’s laughable.  Dan’s the least arrogant person I know and status is the last thing he wants.  But it still made me furious.

And I remembered that sometimes people are just mean.  They don’t get their way and they respond by acting like 6 year olds.  They whine and tattle and complain and stomp their feet and cry.  And this is basically what this woman was doing.

And I have so many good and important things to fill my heart with.  All those other things?  I have no time for them.  And neither do you.  So fill your heart with what’s important.

Be done with all the rest.


8 thoughts on “52:18

  1. Desirae

    Haters will always hate, and the more ignorant an individual (or group of individuals) are, the more they’re going to hate. Let them. Be above it.

    I don’t know you or Dan well, but I do know what both of you have done for the City of Lewiston. I also know the work that went into the Skate Park. Nowhere else would this be an issue. I’ve lived in cities from Lewiston to San Francisco, Boise to Seattle. No one allows scooters in skate parks. Period.

    Let the haters hate, Ruthie. You and Dan’s hardwork and dedication to the community is well known, and will not be discredited by a few yahoo’s who have nothing better to complain about this week.

  2. Tauna

    Ignorant? What’s ignorant is picking out a select group of kids and then excluding them from using the skate park. That’s called discrimination. And weren’t YOU the one who so quickly pointed out how much of YOUR OWN MONEY you had used??

    1. ruthie1985 Post author

      Actually, what I was pointing out was that my husband did the huge majority of the fundraising on his own. We personally didn’t give some huge amount…but Dan worked incredibly hard and spent so many hours raising the money. So no. I didn’t ever say how much money we gave…haha no one would be impressed 😉

      The park was built for 2 specific sports. That’s just a fact. Feel free to do research on professionally built skateparks and many of their policies on scooters and other sports equipment. Just because something CAN be used for a specific purpose doesn’t mean it should be or that it’s allowed.

    2. Tara


      I see nowhere in the original post where the word ‘ignorant’ was used, so perhaps you should start by looking up the definition and then decide the appropriate person to direct it at.

      I’ll be the first to admit that I know absolutely nothing about skateboarding, but I do know Dan and Ruth well and have seen how hard they, Dan especially, have worked to make that park possible. From soliciting donations from local businesses for fundraising events that they’ve taken the time to organize to juggling family and work activities to attend countless planning meetings to spending evenings and weekends stopping by the park to pick up garbage and donating private lessons for kids to charity auctions, which Dan uses personal time away from his family to accommodate… Nobody in this valley has worked harder or knows more about the facility than Dan Prasil. That being said, it makes natural sense for those less knowledgeable to look to him for advice.

      My husband and I donated to the skate park fund not because we’ll ever use it, but because we recognize what a wonderful resource it is for our community. Our daughter rides a scooter and while it would be fun for her to “scoot” there, that inability isn’t something we’ve given a second thought to; we’re fortunate to live in a recreational area with lots and lots of other fun areas that we’re happy to utilize and, after all, it’s called a skate park… Because it’s designed for skaters.

      Have you personally done anything to contribute toward this park’s success? Dan has stated multiple times that if someone is willing to do the work to fundraise and plan to build a beginner or scooter park, he would be happy to help them navigate the process. If you feel so strongly about the situation as to seek someone out for comment on their personal blog, then I would encourage you to take a more active role and become the change you wish to see through a more productive manner than sitting behind a computer screen bashing the people who have actually done the work.

  3. Sherry

    I hear ‘ya, sister! I get WAY to caught up into things and have to really work at shaking it off. But remember it’s because we are passionate about what we do and we care.

    I saw that article and made me FURIOUS! There are a bunch of things published that I wish weren’t, but it’s also about freedom of speech. But that lady was ignorant and went off on a tirade (sp?) without knowing the facts. Try to remember that and know that there are SO MANY of us that know the truth and support all that you and your families do around this Valley.

    In the meantime, hug those gorgeous kids and continue supporting your husband and keep your eye on what’s important in life! (easier said than done, but you’re young you can do it – I’m old and it’s harder to teach an old dog new tricks! ha ha).

    Cheers to you, sweet lady!

    1. Pop

      Let’s see if I have this right. Say the city builds a baseball field. Kids that don’t play baseball should be allowed to dig up the infield and make forts? They should be able to hit golf balls, set up badminton courts or dig worms in the outfield? The construction materials are expensive and, as one who did give money to the project, I don’t appreciate the blatant disregard of the city code that causes unnecessary damage that will someday be costly to the taxpayers to repair. I have always been a supporter of youth; sports, boys and girls clubs, scouting, 4-H and others. This park was designated as a skate park from the very beginning and those folks that are now causing discontent with their invidious attitudes and personal attacks are not ingratiating people to their opinions. Dan Prasil and Mike Mitchell (google him; he’s a distinguished personality with a very impressive record of public service) worked very hard on this project and I think those folks who want a place for the scooters will find that if they put forth the same kind of effort that their vision can, too, be realized.

      1. Shay

        Ruthie, I have to say from the moment I mentioned your name to Scott the first thing out of his mouth was how much effort your husband has put into the lewiston skate park. He went on and on about it. Neither one of us really cares about skating, but Scott found it really impressive and he’s the most honest person I know. He briefly worked at Pepsi before we met and still speaks highly of the company and specifically your husband. I just wanted you to know that. Xo Shay


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