DIY: Cream Cheese Strawberry Bites!

Easy food is my forte.  Because, honestly, I’m lazy.  Now Danny?  He’s the opposite of me and is a really great cook and will make things that take forever but it’s always worth it.  This is not a post about that over achiever.  Nope, this is a DIY post on how to make the easiest fruit dessert treat.  Ready?




Cream Cheese Frosting

Graham Crackers


I know that you can just hull the strawberry straight from the get-go, but unless you have a special tool, it’s not always easy!  I just start by cutting the tops off in a straight line.

step2 step3 They won’t hold a ton of frosting, but this is exactly what you want.  You just want a little bite of frosting, not a mouthful!


I had little helpers, so I dividing the crackers among a few sandwich sized bags.  What should you do?  Put 4 or 5 crackers in a gallon sized ziploc and use a rolling pin.  You won’t have big chunks (see below).

step5 step6 step7

I suppose if you wanted to, you can top each of them with whipped cream or do something cute to display them.  I know they aren’t stunning to look at, but they are pretty delicious and so crazy-easy! Kids gobble them up!

Happy Monday!


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