Easter Weekend

I know, I’ve fallen behind on blogging!  Every time I had a bit of time to sit down and type something out, I remembered the sink was full of dishes…or my laundry room was (literally) overflowing…or my kids needed fed.  I mean something always came up.  So now it’s Sunday evening and everyone is calming down and I can tell you about our Easter weekend.

I kind of love Easter.  Growing up, my brothers and I loved waking up to see what we had in our baskets and then hunting for eggs.  Then we’d go to brunch with our grandma and grandpa and aunt and cousins, then meet them back at their house for another egg hunt and more Easter baskets.  We grew up really lucky and really spoiled in that everything was fun and special and we were always so happy.  And that’s what I want for my kids.  I want holiday memories that are full of smiles and friends and happy people who make my kids happy.

We started things off right on Saturday with an Easter party at our friend Ezra’s house.  Ezra is Alice’s friend from school and her mom, Jenny, is one of my new (this year) friends who I think is so much fun.  So basically, any time she would invite us to hang out, I practically jump out of my chair and scream, “YES!!  WE’LL BE THERE!!!”

easter14-62 She made sausage and egg casserole and had juice and fruit and donuts and, you guys, she had an egg hunt.


{oh, B has been Jenny and Ezra’s friend for a long time.  Maybe we mooch off of our boulevard friends when it comes to finding new friends….I mean, maybe.}

And this wasn’t just an egg hunt where all the plastic eggs were full of crap (yep, like jelly beans. that’s what I hid in my kids’ eggs.  Jelly beans.  And do you know why?  Because what kid LOVES to get jelly beans and spends the whole day just eating them?  Not one kid.  I knew they’d be tossed and I wouldn’t find chocolate stains everywhere.  I have evil in me.).  Jenny filled these eggs with treasures.easter14-92 easter14-93

Oh, and did I tell you that she made confetti eggs?  Like….she blew out the egg and filled it with confetti.  And she encouraged all these 4 and 5 year olds to smash them in her backyard.  So when we left, there were just piles and piles of confetti all over her grass and her walkway and her patio.  And she didn’t even care.  I want to be like Jenny when I grow up.

After Ezra’s party, we went home and dyed some eggs and maybe watched some television and did a little laundry.  Then I packed Charlotte and Alice up and took them to our friend Jaxon’s 2nd birthday party.  It was golf-themed and she had things like fruit “par-faits” and clever decorations and lots of yummy food.  My girls had such a good time playing outside with the other kids and I got to have mommy time with my friends.  Dude, I love parties.

And then, since I’m basically the best Catholic you’ll ever find, I sacrificed my Saturday night to go to Easter Vigil Mass.  Do you know how long this particular Mass is?  It’s approximately 83.22 hours.  Or maybe 2.5 hours.  But 2.5 hours is SO LONG.  But, like I said, I’m just pretty much the best Catholic in the world, second only to Francis himself.  So I did it.  Without complaining.  (just kidding, I complained).

But then we got home at 10:30 and I forced the kids to sleep because the Easter bunny does NOT wake up early to get baskets out.  She/he does it at night after the kids have fallen asleep.  The second their eyes closed, we were on it.

And today, Easter Sunday, we had Easter baskets and brunch and family and friends and lots of egg hunts (so many egg hunts).  We went on a bike ride and ate chocolate and jelly beans and went to my parents and swam and played with friends and we are completely exhausted. But it’s Sunday.  And that means Veep and Mad Men and Nurse Jackie.  So this girl needs to rally.


(that hair)


(this girl gives me so many headaches.  but she is also the funniest and sweetest.  when did she steal alice’s spot as sassy mcsasserson?)


(olive had no time for egg hunts.  she saw our front ‘garden’ and knew something needed to be done with it)


(see?  sassy!  all the kids were having fun on their scooters and bikes but charlotte had to show them up and drag out the mini cooper from behind carport debris and ride it out like it was no big thing.  dead serious look on her face.  no one was impressed.)


(a small sample of Easter fun.  Easter baskets are the best when you’re a kid, am I right?)

Hoppy Easter. <—(see what I did there?)


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