I’m guilty of being one of ‘those’ moms.  We talk about if things are appropriate or not on a daily basis.  My list of ‘inappropriate’ subjects to talk about or watch on tv is longer than many moms I know.  We don’t talk about boyfriends or kissing and we don’t say naughty or yucky words.  They just recently were allowed to watch Good Luck Charlie, but that lasted all of 10 minutes after I heard some of the tween talk.

All this doesn’t make me the best mom in the world, believe me, I know that.  I know lots of moms who are 10x more patient than me, who make their kids actual healthy lunches, play dolls with them and also laugh about their 6 year old’s boyfriend and think poop jokes are funny.  You guys, I know that my rules don’t make me the best mom or even a better mom than those who follow different rules.  I know it’s just one of those things I do and that we all have things we are ‘funny’ about.  But it’s so important to me to keep my kids little.  To let them just be kids and not have to worry about adult problems.  They will see all these things soon enough.  So until then, I’ll try and give them unicorns and rainbows.  And we’ll play princess dress up instead of boyfriend and girlfriend.  We’ll tell jokes about interrupting chickens instead of fart jokes (and, let me just say, it’s not as if these things don’t happen at my house.  I’m not sure if you remember when Charlotte called Jamie a ‘poop hat?’  Dude.  Poop hat.).

I want to give them princesses and fairy tales and stories about people who try their hardest and are generous and kind and who make this world more beautiful.  And sometimes, they see all that really hard stuff, so we try and fix it (enter….Animal Respect Club).  Because when they’re older, they’ll discover that life is really hard and there are people who want to make life harder.  And that really sucks.  I worry about life for them out in this world and the people that will make it hard.  And I want to make life really, really easy for them now.  And for them to see that there are real fairy tale things in the real world. Even if they are met with cruel enemies at some point.

So until then, brave nights and heroic courage it is.

(I know that different quotes can be interpreted in different ways.  and maybe cs lewis wasn’t even close to meaning all of this when he said it.  but it’s like hearing a song and having it say something to you, right?  it might say 10 different things to 10 different people and that’s okay.)


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