Just you guys wait until you see the faces of these ragamuffins and the tears coming from their eyes and the dark circles…this morning did NOT treat us well.



Zara dress || Gap skinnies || shoes from Zulily


Kinship Goods tee || Gap khakis || Nike and New Balance kicks (because that’s how he rolls)



Jcrew tee || Greendog jeans || Sketchers shoes


Boden sweater || Old Navy tee || Jcrew shorts || Old Navy shoes


Old Navy jacket || Peek top || Old Navy shorts || Freshly Picked moccs

And I wore some really fun pink pants.  But I didn’t listen to the guy when he said, “Oh, buy 2 sizes smaller than what you normally wear.”  Why didn’t I?  I’ve been pulled into that mean trick before and I go and buy a rather small size thinking they’ll fit me perfectly when really they are way to small and it makes me wonder if I’m actually 2 sizes larger than I’ve been wearing and that makes me really sad and depressed and then I eat a lot of Doritos.  So I didn’t listen to the nice man.

I should have, because these are the stretchiest pants I’ve ever owned.  They are so big.  But whatev.

Oh, and Sanuks are my new favorite.


Happy Wednesday!


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