Sunday Ketchup. I mean, catch-up.

Every week is busy at our house — in every house with kids, it’s busy.  I’m having a hard time finding 10 minutes here and there to do personal blogging.  Ya know, stories about us and our lives so this week I’m going to try really hard to do at least 3 posts just about us.  Today, here’s #1.

On Thursday we went to my parents’ house for pizza.  Just because.  And I love just because celebrations.  Celebrating every day doesn’t happen as often as it should which is a real shame. My kids love a party and when we are all together, it feels like one.


(if you aren’t from the valley, you don’t know the heaven that is Fazzari’s Pizza.  Oh, and newsflash:  I’m no longer vegetarian.  More on that in a separate post.)

We got to my parents and we felt like we were in a jungle.


(let’s take a minute to look at her shirt.  my friend Tara is a clever duck.  Charlotte and B have matching shirts and they are hysterical.)

My mom helped with our local Library fundraising event that was yesterday and for the past week or so she has had tons and tons of plants and flowers at her house, waiting to be put in pots to use as decor.  It looked pretty grand.sundaycatchup-3

And it sparked a little something in Jamie because he said, “MOM!!  Get a couple shots of me caressing my hair!!”

sundaycatchup-7 sundaycatchup-8

It got a little creepy.sundaycatchup-9 sundaycatchup-10

I’m not quite sure of the look he was going for, but I’d bet money this wasn’t it.

At my moms we celebrated being awesome (at least that’s what was celebrating) with pizza and homemade blondie bars my mom whipped up.  With a caramel sauce that I wouldn’t mind bathing in.  My aunt Tracy was there, my cousin Abbey, her boyfriend Eric, my (basically) aunt Sally and all of us.

Danny went snowmobiling yesterday.  He has a group of friends he met down in McCall and has become pretty close with them and they get together quite often over the winter.  So the kittens and I hung out at home.  Doing cool stuff (when i say cool, i mean lazy).


Olive’s hair was in 2 piggies, but those little chubby finger of hers found the rubber bands and ripped them out . Hence the look she has going on.


It was a good week.

Happy Sunday!


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