(after this one I’m finally caught up)


Sometimes it’s really hard to remember this.  That giant weed that was growing in our yard (it seriously looked like a tree) was providing shade for the dogs when it was hot outside.  Those giant ugly rocks around our pond create homes for worms and bugs that are food for our chickens.  The incredibly rude woman in front of you in Starbucks might be an amazing mom who is raising your future son in law (that might have been a stretch).  But basically, this means that even if something seems stupid or tiny or minute — it helps to create the bigger picture.  Everything is important.  In the best world, every skill we have helps contribute to create a masterpiece made by the human race. The tiny little bit of good we do combines with all the tiny goods done at the same time in different places, to make the earth a better place.  Just by being present…you’re important.

You are needed.


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