Vacations are absolutely necessary.  The every day routine gets to you after a while.  Routine is something that keeps my anxiety in check and it’s comfortable to me — but even though that’s true, I also need a break from it.  My vacations usually consist of 3 hours here and there hanging out with friends or sneaking away to take a bath at my parents (because, you guys, this house only has showers).  If I’m lucky, I get a really great vacation and Danny and I get a sitter for dinner out.  Sometimes even a movie.  A vacation doesn’t have to be an airplane trip to a resort.

But when that’s exactly what your vacation is, you’re a really lucky mama.


These 2 girls and I went somewhere that required air travel.  If that’s not a real, live vacation I don’t know what is.  We wanted a long weekend away from work, kids, responsibility…so we chose a place with palm trees and 85 degree days.


I think we chose pretty well.

Not one of us had ever been to Palm Springs and since we knew we just wanted to lay around and relax, we thought it would be the perfect place.  It didn’t disappoint. It helps that we stayed at an amazing little boutique hotel, The Parker.

Photo Apr 07, 10 51 56 AM

The property was so gorgeous.  It was small and surrounded by flowers and greenery and everything was so well manicured and taken care of.

Photo Apr 07, 10 18 18 AM Photo Apr 07, 10 18 53 AM

The inside was pretty awesome.  Jonathon Adler designed the interior and it was a throwback for sure.  But so swanky.

Photo Apr 03, 12 09 22 PM 20140407-171328.jpg 20140407-171348.jpg 20140407-171416.jpg

There were magazine photo shoots going on when we were there.  That’s how cool it is, you guys.

Our room was pretty great.  Out back we had a private hammock.  Hammocks are bomb.

Photo Apr 07, 9 14 22 AM

Photo Apr 05, 11 49 19 AM Photo Apr 05, 11 53 17 AM Photo Apr 05, 11 56 37 AM

The first day there it was my birthday and who doesn’t love birthday surprises?

Photo Apr 03, 8 33 06 PM Photo Apr 03, 8 36 25 PM

Haley and Josh spoiled me separately with goodies and champs.  *sigh* birthdays are just the best, aren’t they?

Pat surprised me, too, with a gift certificate to the spa at The Parker:  PSYC.  I definitely took advantage.

Photo Apr 04, 11 13 47 AM Photo Apr 04, 11 48 50 AM Photo Apr 04, 11 52 50 AM

The girl who did our nails?  Totally has done the nails of Bruno Mars, John Legend, Drew Barrymore….and “lots of other big name celebrities” that she wasn’t allowed to talk about.  If she meant Sadie and Ruthie, the cat’s out of the bag.

Danny also arranged for all of us to get massages at the incredible Miramonte Resort’s spa:  The Well.  It was so amazing, I can’t even tell you.

Photo Apr 06, 9 36 13 AM

[we most definitely are NOT naked, I promise you.  I wanted to show a picture of the awesome hot tub area.]

Photo Apr 06, 12 23 17 PM Photo Apr 06, 12 24 28 PM

We each got Essential Oil Raindrop massages with Scalp Massage to end it.  Dude.  Best massage ever.

To say we were spoiled this trip is an understatement.

3 words can sum up this trip:





Photo Apr 03, 1 52 33 PM Photo Apr 03, 3 01 27 PM Photo Apr 05, 2 04 10 PM Photo Apr 05, 2 38 30 PM

Photo Apr 03, 3 21 04 PM Photo Apr 03, 5 36 19 PM Photo Apr 03, 5 38 03 PM Photo Apr 03, 5 54 57 PM Photo Apr 03, 5 55 00 PM Photo Apr 05, 4 56 11 PM Photo Apr 05, 10 58 22 PM Photo Apr 07, 10 04 45 AM

We ate at Normas (on property), Citron (at the Viceroy), Lulu, Trio, In N Out Burger, The Lemonade Stand (on property), Workshop — and it was all really delicious.

Photo Apr 03, 4 39 12 PM Photo Apr 03, 5 14 57 PM Photo Apr 04, 2 03 17 PM Photo Apr 04, 5 10 13 PM Photo Apr 04, 5 11 41 PM Photo Apr 04, 7 15 35 PM Photo Apr 04, 9 30 32 PM Photo Apr 05, 1 02 40 PM

Selfies are totally still in.  And I’ve perfected them.  I know exactly how to tilt my head to avoid all 7 of my chins and where to put the camera at what angle to get the best view of my profile.  So, naturally, we take as many selfies as we can.

We went shopping at the outlet malls.  The kind of outlet malls that have stores like Kate Spade and Coach and Jcrew.

We took the tram up a super steep hill (a la Real Housewives of BH, duh):

Photo Apr 07, 11 14 46 AM Photo Apr 07, 12 12 57 PM Photo Apr 07, 12 13 36 PM Photo Apr 07, 12 33 28 PM Photo Apr 07, 12 33 52 PM

We got dressed up some nights.

Photo Apr 05, 4 21 22 PM

We did yoga under the spa tent.

Photo Apr 05, 10 00 46 AM

(when I say we did yoga, what I mean is that Hailey did yoga while Sadie and I soaked in the hot tub)

We walked around downtown.

Photo Apr 03, 7 18 03 PM

We laughed a lot.  We ate a lot.  We people watched a LLLLLLOTTTTTTT.

Photo Apr 05, 2 49 33 PM

(there were pregnant girls everywhere we turned.  not just pregnant girls.  girls with the most perfect and adorably round bellies we’d ever seen.  and some of them had LV purses and read cool books like “Bringing up Bebe.”  But then others were brats and wanted to start fights….let’s not talk about it)

By Monday, I think we were all ready to go home.  Not that we didn’t have a great time, but our money was gone.  We missed kids and husbands and our own beds.  Those of us who don’t snore missed a good nights’ sleep.  (i’m definitely not talking about hailey or myself).

Photo Apr 07, 9 49 09 PM

(in seattle, boarding our last flight)

I’d travel with these 2 again in a heartbeat.

Maybe I’ll start planning next year’s vacay…..


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