A Very Small WthWW

I only had 3 with me today when I was taking pictures, so this will be brief (but oh-so-cute):



This is one of my favorite tees:  Let’s Swim to the Moon.



Today we visited a CSA farm (community supported agriculture….I’ll do a post about that a little later this spring) and got to run around on the property, hold baby chicks, check out some seedlings and spy on llamas.  Not bad, eh?  We also went to the aquatic center, I got 5 loads of laundry put away, I finished season 2 of Scandal on Netflix (I wanna cry that it’s over for me until season 3 is released!) and now Danny’s bbq’ing because we have friends coming over to get spray tans.  Yeah…spray tans.  Because tomorrow I leave with Hailey and Sadie for


I know you guys wanna follow me on my KID-LESS adventure!!  Dude, can you tell I’m excited?  I’m hash tagging my IG pics:


Check it.


2 thoughts on “A Very Small WthWW

  1. Soo Lee

    Try season 3 on cokeandpopcorn.com. It’s a free service. I’ve never used it, but I hear it’s legit.


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