I wish that more people would come to realize this.  It would make friendships and relationships and every day interactions so much better and easier.  And so much happier.

It’s easy to get caught up in being cool and having status and money and showing all your friends on Facebook how spontaneous and luxurious and swanky your life is.  But the secret is that you’re only truly happy if you spend time with people you love.  And who make you laugh.  And who are there to help hold you up when you just wanna curl up and cry and who want to spend time with you whether you are a millionaire or you can hardly make ends meet.

So this lyric from DMB reminds me of my family and my friends.  The ones who know how to have a good time both on a tropical getaway and in the living room eating top ramen and watching trashy tv.

Because that’s what really matters.


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