Photo Prep 101: Dressing Yourself

Welcome back to the awesome collaboration between Elle and myself:

rock the shoot.

We’ve given you advice and tips on how to choose a photographer.  We’ve let you in on ways to plan location and how to go about posing.  And, the most fun part of the collaboration, we’ve given you examples of how to dress for your photos!  Click back through my posts to see how to dress baby girls, little girls and big boys and check out Elle’s blog for baby boys, little boys and big girls.  There’s something for each price point!

And today?  It’s all about you:  the mom and dad!

We are so concerned with making our kids look adorable and cute that sometimes we just rummage through our closets to find something that will just work with what the kids have.  Wrong.  You should plan your outfit just as carefully as you plan your kids!

Here are some tips for planning your own photo wardrobe:

(1) don’t be afraid of color and patterns.  Just like your children, you want some simple pieces and some bold pieces.  It’s so boring to dress in all white/khakis am I right?  You look washed out and boring.  It’s true.  Bright colors are fun and interesting and can show your personality!  Only you know what colors you love on yourself, so go off of that!

(2) don’t go crazy with patterns on both the top and the bottom.  If you are heavier on one side of the equator than the other, position the patterns accordingly.

(3) don’t go crazy with accessories, but add a few in!  I know, if you have no idea where to start, that wasn’t much help.  Huge rings, big earrings, crazy headbands and gaudy necklaces all in one look is too much.  For real.  Stick to a couple perfect pieces and leave it at that.

(4) no offense, guys, but your wardrobe probably won’t be as jazzy as hers.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t add fun colors and maybe an accessory or 2 (think bow tie/necklace).  I like fun shoes and jeans.  Solid sweatshirts and fun shirts peeking out.

(5) make sure you’re comfortable!  If you are always afraid that your muffin top is bulging out and all eyes are on that delicious apple pie you ate last night, maybe you should go with a different top that makes you less self conscious.  You won’t hold yourself well and it will show!

So check out what I have for you:


For the Mom:

Color by Amber bracelet | Umba earrings | J Crew top | Inspired by Tess skirt | Zappos shoes

For the Dad: 

American Eagle Outfitters shirt | Gap sweatshirt | J Crew jeans | Zara shoes

Mom’s shoes are fun and bright — they don’t match the skirt exactly, but that’s okay.  They are fun enough without being skanky (yup, totally said skanky).  The skirt?  SO FUN!  But not crazy.  (and let me add that Inspired by Tess makes the most comfortable skirts ever. They are so soft and they hit at exactly the right spot.  Super flattering.).  Paired with a plain shirt and plain(er) accessories, it’s perfect.

Dad, your outfit is a bit more muted, but looks great with Mom!  The pink shirt will peek out of your sweatshirt and will compliment the reds/pinks in Mom’s skirt and top perfectly.  The shoes are comfortable but put together and the dark wash denims are a dressier version of the laid back style you love.

Hey, you guys….Inspired by Tess loves you.  Use code “FAIRYWINGS15”  to receive 15% off your order for the next couple of days!!

Do you feel comfortable buying for your next photo shoot?  Tune in on Thursday to see it allllll pulled together:  kids and parents.  AND you get a huge surprise.

(Check out what Elle did with MOM and DAD styles!)


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