The Feid.

You guys.  I just made up that nickname.  Just now off the top of my head.


But it stands for my friend Hailey (her last name may or may not include the letters F-E-I-D.  And saying “The Feid” makes me feel like she’s a mob boss.  I’m going with it.) . And today, Hailey is 28.  Still totally in her 20’s.


Doesn’t she just look like she’s fun?

She is.

She is a blast.  She’s up for basically anything, including a 3.5 hour trip to Maryhill Winery for a little Wallflowers/Counting Crows concert while sitting shotgun in the front of a nausea inducing cruiser.


She does things like takes a Saturday to watch your 5 year old dance hip hop at the uber crowded Dogwood Festival.  Oh, and this is after attending your 1 year old’s birthday party.charlotte-48

She is a riot.  She loves wine and knows how to have fun.Photo Sep 06, 8 21 20 PMShe’s a yogi who, I predict, will one day teach yoga to celebrities like Rihanna and Beyonce and maybe someday invite me to a party hosted by Bradley Cooper….her new boyfriend.

She’s an amazing friend.  She has your back, and you never ever have to worry that she doesn’t. If she thinks something you do isn’t right, she’ll tell you.  But she’s still your friend after.  She says, “Yes,” when you ask for a favor and does it with a smile.  She’s loyal and generous.

(she’s here with Sadie….on Sadie’s wedding day.)Photo Sep 08, 8 46 23 PM

Her smile takes up her whole face and every time, it’s genuine.  She knows how to laugh and she knows how to joke (and take a joke) and she’s the epitome of happy.

She gives really great advice, and it’s from her heart.  She uses her head and she thinks about things before she says them.  While she totally has your back no matter what, she’ll help you figure out ways to make things better or right or help you get ahold of yourself.  She expects a lot from her friends and that makes everyone around her a better person.


I’ve known Hailey for….I don’t know.  4 years maybe?  Longer?  Honestly, I’m not sure.  But I know that I’ve never had doubts about the kind of person she is, the kind of friend she is, or whether or not her generosity, kindness and friendship is sincere.

She’s stuck with me when I’ve gone through some really rough patches.  When she has had hard times, she doesn’t sink into herself and play the pity game.  She’s still a friend.  She says thank you when she appreciates you and she makes the time for you when she might not have much of it free.  And that says more than anything.

Hailey!  Happy birthday, friend!  I’m a better person because of you.  I’m a happier person and I have more fun because of you.



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