Their World: III



March was full of birthdays.  Okay, that’s a lie.  It was full of birthday.  Maria’s.  Leading up to birthdays is always fun — where are we going to eat, what’s the party going to be like, what will the kids choose as gifts, etc.  My birthday was always on Spring Break so I never got to celebrate my birthday at school which I was always bummed about.  There’s something really special about being surrounded by all your friends on your actual birthday all day long.  I remember that birthdays gave you celebrity status in elementary school.  Dude, I was never a celebrity.

But Maria’s birthday this year fell on a school day and I think she had a pretty great day.  And after school, the kids’ excitement was overflowing as she tore through her gifts from each of them.  All of them were excited and it reminded me of why I adore our big family with all these kids.  As cheesy as it sounds, there is always joy.  Always excitement, always noise and always…



…there’s love.  


{Their World is a series I am a part of with a group of other fabulous photographers/bloggers.  To ride the carousel, start here.}


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