Shop Spotlight: Northwest Handmade Goods

I live in a small town, small population.  Our shopping options for unique and fun products are few and far between so you can imagine my excitement when my friend Erika told me she was going to open up a shop downtown.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 12.49.17 PM

You guys.  This little shop is full of amazing products that are handmade from artists in the PNW.  And I’m not talking stupid crafts that everyone and their dog makes.  No.  I’m talking products that you just know came from someone who loves what they do (and who is really good at it, too!).

If I had toddler boys, they’d sport these on the reg.  NWHMG-87 NWHMG-86 NWHMG-88 NWHMG-89

These lunch sacks — I die.  I LOVE them!NWHMG-90

There’s a good chance my friend makes these candles….NWHMG-92

These little flowers are made out of paper.  PAPER.  Hey, high school girls….get these boutonnieres and corsages for the next formal.  Instant cool. NWHMG-93

I’m a sucker for a good card.  THat’s not a secret.  I bought 3 here the other day just because I wanted a card that said, “You’re so gansta,” JUST IN CASE I needed it (and I needed a birthday and a new baby card).  Whaddya know, 2 days later I used that gangsta card. NWHMG-94 NWHMG-95 NWHMG-98

Soaps, dolls, home decor, jewelry, toys, shirts, scarves, kids’ accessories…she has it all.  And it’s like your own private Etsy.

Oh, and Erika is doing a giveaway.  Check out these cute shirts she has in the shop from Growing Up Wild:


Look, Olive loved hers (oh and the skirt is from NWHG, too!)


And Charlotte did, too.

These shirts are crazy soft, fit true to size, and are really well-made.  They are cute and fun and the perfect touch to balance out a girly outfit or to accent a little boy’s wardrobe.

Do you want one?

 Enter To Win Here!

We’re using Rafflecopter again — you can enter several different times in several different ways.  If your name is randomly chosen, you can go down to NWHG and pick any Growing Up Wild tee you want!  


6 thoughts on “Shop Spotlight: Northwest Handmade Goods

  1. Jackie W

    These are so cute! My MIL and I loved the happy camper onsie when we checked out the store, but I also love the Idaho shirts 🙂


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